Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday Showcase: Scourge (of the Underworld)

   This week's Saturday Showcase focuses on the Marvel villain known as the Scourge (of the Underworld).  The Scourge isn't just one man, he is an unlimited army of assassins.  When one dies, another takes his place.  If one is captured, they are killed and the one who does the kill becomes the new Scourge.

    The Scourge was first introduced in 1985.  Iron Man #194 was the issue where we witnessed the birth of "justice" when the Scourge eliminated the Enforcer.  At the end of the kill, the Scourge cries out, "Justice Is Served!"  Those of you who followed Marvel Comics back in the '80's would see this battle cry often.

   The Scourge proved to be an enemy who was hard to beat.  Like I said earlier, when one is taken out of the equation, another one would take their place.  This is why he gave the Avengers a run for the money.  He was never stupid enough to take on the whole team, but he would take them on one-on-one.

    His favorite Avenger to tangle with was Captain America.  I guess he was not living up to the Scourge's view of Justice.  He didn't just tangle with Avengers though.  When it was believed that Flash Thompson was the Hobgoblin, the Scourge paid him a visit only to be stopped by Spider-Man.

    I just don't understand why Marvel hasn't used the Scourge on TV or in film.  You have an endless supply of assassins trying to dish out "justice".  I would have thought they would have appeared on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D at least.  Hopefully, someone at Marvel is reading this and getting some ideas.  Well, until next time...Get your READ on!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Survivor Series 2017: My Picks

    As you know, Sunday, November 19 is Survivor Series.  
Now that the final cast is chosen, 
I decided to share with you my thoughts on who will win.

Miz Vs Baron Corbin

    Miz is by far the most underestimated champion the WWE has ever seen.  He is the reason that the Intercontinental Championship is relevant once again.  Corbin is a good wrestler who happened to have luck on his side when he won the U.S. title in a triple threat match. Sure Baron is big and has muscle, but Miz has intelligence and the Miztourage in his corner.

Winner: the Miz

the Shield vs the New Day

    The WWE Universe wanted a Shield reunion and that is exactly what they got. The Shield will have their hands full against the NEW DAY!  As witnessed from Hell in a Cell, the New Day can fight, however I fill the Shield will have more tricks up their sleeve.  Who knows, the Shield may cause a rift in the New Day which could lead to their demise.

Winner: the Shield

the Queen, Charlotte Flair Vs the Goddess, Alexa Bliss

    The Women's division is on fire!  Alexa was training to fight Natalya but Charlotte had other plans.  Now the match is Alexa vs Charlotte.  I am Team Red all the way, but I have to say Alexa is out classed in this match.

Winner: Charlotte Flair

the USOs Vs the Bar

    Well, well, well.  This appears to be a familiar match-up.  These 2 teams have history.  Who has the advantage?  To me, it's the USOs.  The USOs have awoken and embraced their demons to be the champions that they are.  The Bar may try to bring them down a notch, but I think the USOs will fly high.

Winner: the USOs

RAW  Vs Smackdown Live Women's 5 on 5 Elimination Match

    5 women from RAW and 5 from Smackdown Live will go head to head to prove which show has the best women's wrestlers.  Each team has some talent. But, I feel that RAW's team is a little more stacked.  I believe Asuka said she will break the Smackdown Live team apart and I believe she could do it.  It wouldn't surprise me at all if she was the one standing tall.

Winner: Team RAW

RAW Vs Smackdown Live Men's 5 on 5 Elimination Match

    The WWE Universe is buzzing about the addition of HHH to team RAW.  Hell, Raw is one stacked team.  No offense towards Team Blue, but there is more power and skill on Team Red.  Strowman alone is a monster that cannot be contained.  The only way I see Team Blue on top is if someone helps Team Red loose,which as we know could happen.

Winner: Team RAW

AJ Styles Vs Brock Lesnar

    To me this is the money match up.  As the saying goes, I was saving the best for last.  In all rights, AJ is the underdog but he could pull off a victory.  Sure, Brock is a Beast and could easily manhandle Styles, but Styles is cunning and is brilliant on the mat.  I think it will come down to the end, but Brock will become victorious with a little help from Jinder Mahal.  I think Jinder is going to interfere or cause a distraction that will give Brock the upper hand and finish AJ in the match to become victorious.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

    I am fan of both shows, but my heart lies with Team Red and I guess it always will.  I do sense some possible switching of sides.  I personally think that Kane is working with Daniel Bryan and they may have a plan.  Kane isn't in any of the matches, but that doesn't mean he cannot have an involvement in any of the outcomes.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Sunday, November 12, 2017

An Interview with Majin Buu

I had the pleasure to interview Josh Martin, the voice of Majin Buu for Somewhatnerdy.  To see it, click on the following link,  Buu Interview.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Classic Cover of the Day

Classic Cover of the Day
Avengers West Coast Vol. 1 #93

Saturday Showcase: US Agent

    Today is Veterans' Day and I can think of no better character to showcase than US Agent.  Some of you may have never heard of US Agent, but he is the man that took Steve Rogers place as Captain America when Steve thought he was finished with being a hero.  Long story short, Steve changes his mind and wants to be Cap again so John had no choice but to become his own persona.  I am getting ahead of myself so let me begin again.

    John Walker was a hero originally known as the Super Patriot.  That's him to the right.  The Super Patriot was another super soldier like Cap,who wanted to make America a better place.  When Steve had enough, John was asked to fill Cap's shoes and he gladly accepted.  Well,Steve didn't like the way John did things.  So, Steve created the Captain persona to take on Captain America.  In the long run, Steve won his title back and John adapted the look of the Captain but called himself, US Agent.

    As US Agent, John became the successful leader of the West Coast Avengers.  This team consisted of a lot of great heroes like Moon Knight, Hawkeye, Tigra, and Mockingbird.  He was at the forefront to doing great things.  Then, boom, MARVEL seemed to forget how much he was worth.  He was on the team Force Works, which had him play second fiddle to Tony Stark as well as a new look.

    The character of US Agent had identity issues in terms of costumes for years to come as well as jumping from team to team.  Marvel decided to put him on the shelf and only use him from time to time.  Hell, he resurfaced years later as a member of Omega Flight during the whole Civil War drama that was playing out in Marvel Comics.

    John's look as the US Agent was always one of my favorite hero looks.  Hell, I still have my US Agent figure that came out from Toy Biz years ago just because it looks so damn cool.  Sure it was just a paint job on a Cap figure but I didn't care.  When the first Cap movie came out and I saw an US Agent figure on the shelf, I made sure to get one because he is just that cool.

    I hope that MARVEL wises up and starts to utilize John more in film and TV.  He made a brief comeback last year in the Sam Wilson titles, so that gives me hope.  I would love to see US Agent on the TV series agents or even for a brief period on the big screen.  I just want his talents as well as his character recognized.

Happy Veterans' Day!

US Agent by Norm Breyfogle

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Cosplay of the Day

Cosplay of the Day
Hela: Goddess of Death Cosplay by Aime Jaze of Jaze Cosplay
Photography by the talented Tony Julius Photography