Monday, September 20, 2010


shadowland1_-_frankencastlenomoreI have been reading the Shadowland stroy line from Marvel and I have some questions.  I know I am not a regular reader of Daredevil, so the event that caused him to join the Hand and build a castle called Shadowland escapes me.  The writer's do a great job catching you up.  But there is one thing that keeps gnawing at me.  How the hell did Fraken-Castle become normal again?  Don't get me wrong, the Punisher is my favorite vigilante but how did he go from being the walking dead to look like nothing happened?  I know in the Franken-Castle has the blood stone that is supposed to heal him, but the timing between the books is off. Maybe one of my readers can fill me in.

Besides the Punisher question, Shadowland is a great read and you should check it out!

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