Monday, September 13, 2010

Tia as Pixie

I am starting a new segment on my blog.  Basically I will ask the cosplay models what made them decide on a certain character to cosplay.  For my first segment, I decided to interview Tia Rodemeyer on her latest conquest, the X-woman known as Pixie.

Tia as Pixie1. I haven't read the main X-titles in a while, so what can you tell me about the character known as Pixie?

Pixie was introduced as a pretty minor character back in the series New X-Men: Academy X, along with multiple new, teenaged mutants. She got a makeover, and slowly became a more important player in the series, and even got her own one-shot for Free Comic Book Day. She's eventually named an official member of the X-Men, and is currently on the combat team's roster.

She also had a piece of her soul taken while in Limbo, and therefore now has a 'soul dagger' (similar to Magik's soulsword), and gained a teleportation spell.

2. I did see that she tussled with Magic in the X-infernus storyline, is that when she first made it as a stand alone character or were there other storylines that showed her true worth to the team?

When the New X-Men were sucked down into Limbo, Pixie was just beginning to be a more prominent member of the team, and a lot of the stuff that happened in that storyline revolved around Pixie and Magik. Then, she was forced to work with Magik in "X-Infernus" to defeat Belasco's daughter, but in the process looses another piece of her soul. She's still struggling and resentful because of this.

3. Why did you choose Pixie as your next heroine to cosplay?

Well, the very first comic series I ever read was New X-Men: Academy X, so I'm really deeply tied to those kids.

Pixie as a costume was suggested to me by a friend, and I was initially unsure because I am not a prop-maker by any stretch, and I was really wary of making the arm gauntlets and leg bracers. Additionally, this is a costume I've really never seen done WELL, and I wanted to make sure mine was the best it could be. Eventually I relented, and I honestly think this is my favorite costume I've ever done. It's an absolute blast to wear, and I found out at Chicago Comic-Con that it seems to effect my mood when I wear it. I find myself incredibly smiley and effervescent, just like the character.

4. Anymore cosplay ideas swimming in that brilliant mind of yours?

I've got just a few...up next will be a female version of Cable, but beyond that, I'm just not sure!

Tia as Pixie with Soul Dagger

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