Sunday, October 24, 2010

10 questions with Riddle

rosetteTime for another pulse-pounding interview with another beautiful cosplay model.  You may recognize her from conventions or various cosplay/comic sites.  It is my Pleasure to present my interview with Riddle.

What is your name and where are you from?

My Name is Riddle (or Ridd1e) and I’m currently located in Atlanta.

2. How did you discover cosplay?

 I didn’t so much as discovered cosplay as somewhat stumbled into it. I grew up in a small town in Canada, Halloween was rolling around and I wanted to dress up like Devil hunter Yohko, an anime character. It wasn’t till almost a year and a half later I would attend my first convention, and see other people who are also were costuming and realize I wasn’t alone.

3. What characters have you cosplayed in the past?

I have cosplayed over 40+ characters since I started costuming. From movies, to anime, to comics and video games. If you go to my website you can check out them all. This year I wear BlackCat, Phantom Lady, Classical Leia and Female Loki.

4. What sites have you worked with?

I haven’t really worked with any particular websites. I know my picture has appeared on various sites.

5. Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

I like to pick characters that represent the inner strength of women that I feel the media doesn’t …. Nah I'm just messing with you! I enjoy the sassy and quirky characters, ones I can relate too in some way, with outfits that I like, but another important factor is costuming with my body type.

6. Do you read comics? If so, what are your favorites?

Usually every night before bed and on wednesday! When I was growing up, we didn’t have a comic book store, so I'm a behind on titles. Since I have moved to the States I have ravaged people’s collections with a fury. In no particular order I like; Miracle man, NextWave, Hellboy, Watchmen, Nexus, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (required reading amongst the company I keep), as well as New Frontier * Darwyn Cooke*, Young Avengers, She Hulk *Dan Slott *, Empowered, Ultimates, Thor *In Kansas, who knew!*, and Fables.

7. Are you a gamer, if so what is your favorite game and on what system?

I am a gamer. Of all the ‘geek’ alleys one can go down, that was my first. I started playing intellivision when I was a young child and then just hop scotched through all the other consoles. My favorite Game, wow… There is absolutely no way I can narrow it down. I will say my favorite genre has always been RPGS, but that’s not to say I can’t throw a beat down in Halo when given the opportunity.

8. What are your future plans in terms of cosplay?

I have a lot of costumes I would like to do, but I’m so particular in regards to the right fabric choices, accessories and look of the outfit, but I'm only able to usually allot myself 2-3 new costumes a year. My future plans are to develop my skills as a costumer and continue to challenge myself and keep doing the character that inspires me.

9. Where do you like to show off your costumes the most?

I love going to conventions and meeting people and especially kids who are fans of the character. I think my favorite way to show my costumes off most is in photos, it allows me the opportunity to present the costume in a story like setting.


10. What would you say is your favorite genre to cosplay?

I have no one favorite genre. Comic fans are more open to interpretations of characters, but I love the colors and designs of various anime and video games.

Thank you for reading my interview and you can check out more of my work or get in touch with me on my website which is, or visit my Facebook  

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