Thursday, October 28, 2010

Comic Review: Batman Scar of the Bat and Reign of Terror (DC Elseworlds)

300px-Batman_Scar_of_the_Bat     Today, I came home a little bit under the weather.  Well, I took my extra time off from work to catch up on some reading.  Thanks to the wonderful world of ebay, I was able to get my hands on a couple of DC Comics Eleseworlds trades.  I am a big fan of the Elseworlds stories from DC.  Anyway, the two trades I read today come from the Batman line.  The first one I read was Scar of the Bat.  Once I finished that title, I read Reign of Terror.  These are both great reads.

     In Batman: Scar of the Bat, we are left pondering what if the caped crusader was one of the Untouchabes with Eliot Ness on his conquest after Al Capone.  The story was brilliant! Max Allan Collins did a great job writing this piece.  Each page had you asking, which one is the "Bat" man?  After a few twists and turns, you are left satisfied.  I highly reccommend this book to any comic or Batman fan.  I give Scar of the Bat a rating of a  strong 8 out of a possible 10.



    In Batman: Reign of Terror, we find Bruce Wayne a man of honor in France during the French Revolution.  Sickened by what he sees at what has happened to the land that he loves, he takes the guise of a bat to first free his in-laws from the guillotine or Blade of Death as the locals called it.  After sacing his in-laws, Bruce is foced to act a kinship with the war-scared Herve' Deinte until his identity was revealed.  Batman was surely near death from the hands of Two-Face when a stranger in disguise comes to save him.  You can say it wasa little bridy that saved him, lol.  He is reunited with his wife and they live happyily ever after.  Mike W. Barr is a creative genius for writing this story.  I give Reign of Terror a rating of 8.5-9 very easily.


My suggestion, get these books and read them today!


  1. Thanks for this lovely review.

    You might be interested to know that the underpinning of history is quite accurate -- Ness is often misrepresented, sometimes overblown, more often (lately) dismissed as insignificant. But this graphic novel is based on extensive research (except for the BATMAN part!). I have also done four fact-based Ness prose novels and a one-man play that is available on DVD, ELIOT NESS: AN UNTOUCHABLE LIFE.

    Thank you again. I love it when something I did a while back gets noticed today.

  2. Thanks for the kind words but most importantly, thanks for the wonderful story!