Friday, December 3, 2010

10 questions with Yvonne

PhotobucketTime once again for another interview with another lovely cosplayer.  This time it is the always Fantastic Yvonne.  So sit back and enjoy the interview.
1. What is your name and where are you from?

My name is Yvonne and I'm from Hawaii

2. How did you discover cosplay?

I actually discovered Cosplay around 7 years ago, I was dating someone that was into it and anime. I had never really watched anime much, didn't even know what it was although I had seen Sailor Moon and DBZ on tv I didn't connect them.

3. What characters have you cosplayed in the past?

I've only cosplayed Sue Storm and Rei Ayanami in the past, Rei was horrible and if I did her again I would commission it for sure.

Photobucket4. What sites have you worked with?

I've only cosplayed Sue Storm and Rei Ayanami in the past, Rei was horrible and if I did her again I would commission it for sure.

5. Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

I absolutely LOVE doing Sue Storm!! She's my favorite. I'd also like to do Rikku from the Final Fantasy X & X-2 games.

6. Do you read comics? If so, what are your favorites?

I've read a few comics, some X-Men and Superman, and I'm getting into reading Fantastic Four more after cosplaying her.

7. Are you a gamer, if so what is your favorite game and on what system?

I do game, I've played some Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, and Gears of War 2. I also regularly play WoW, alliance side. I don't really have a favorite game, I raid on WoW, but as far as console gaming I've been very casual.

8. What are your future plans in terms of cosplay?

I've been considering Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter, starting to fix up my Alice costume from Resident Evil, and will be doing Cammie from Street Fighter for next year's Dragon*Con. Others are still up in the air, but I plan to do Sue Storm again.

9. Where do you like to show off your costumes the most?

The only major con I attend is Dragon*Con, although I'm involved with a charity group that goes out and does Toys For Tots and stuff, and we all dress up in costume for that. I usually do the Fantastic Duo with Mr. Fantastic, but I'm thinking of other costumes to do for that as well.

10. What would you say is your favorite genre to cosplay?

I don't have a favorite genre really, I guess you could say I find game characters or comics a bit more appealing, there are a couple of anime characters I'd do, but I haven't been as into watching anime as I was a few years ago. Generally though, I cosplay characters I see and like, or like with Rikku I love her personality.

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