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10 questions with J

PhotobucketTime for another interview with a beautiful and talented cosplayer.  I hope you enjoy this interview with the lovely J.

1. What is your name and where are you from?

My real name is Jessica, but I prefer the nickname J. I was born & raised on a small farm in rural Utah surrounded by horses, goats, dogs, cats and chickens. Today I reside in downtown Salt Lake, with my red-headed Amazon parrot, Ruby. Though I've traveled across the United States, I find Utah's landscape most comfortable. All four seasons, and all types of scenery - great for cosplay shoots!

2. How did you discover cosplay?

Cosplay just came naturally to me... I was doing it before I even knew what it was. As a child, I was always running around in one costume or another. My parents had a great deal of difficulty getting me to wear regular clothing. I guess you could say my first official cosplay was Link from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. A friend of the family made it for me as a Halloween costume and I wore it until the tunic and hat fell to pieces. I was ten at the time and have been in costumes ever since.

Photobucket3. What characters have you cosplayed in the past?

That is a very long list, my friend ^,^' I will try to name them all for you... In chronological order:
Link - Legend of Zelda, Yuffie Kisaragi - FFVII, Rinoa Heartilly - FFVIII, Mika Asagi - Gungrave, Tifa Lockheart - FFVII , Pink - Dragon Pink, Tifa Lockheart – Advent Children, Gerudo Guard - Legend of Zelda, Cammy White - Street Fighter II, Maria Sunderland - Silent Hill 2, Gunner Yuna - FFX2, Squall Leonheart - FFVIII, Prom Sphere Yuna - FFX Original, Taiga Aisaka - ToraDora!. Summoner Yuna - FFX, Rei Ayanami Plugsuit - Evangelion, Gijinka Vulpix - Pokemon, Elika - Prince of Persia, Princess Garnet - FFIX, Female Squall - FFVIII original, Seras Victoria - Hellsing Ultimate, Horo - Spice & Wolf, Masterchick - Haloid...I think that is all so far? Many of my older costumes have been tossed out, sold or are in the process of being remade. Others can be viewed on my websites  (Links Section at End)
4. What sites have you worked with?

I am exclusively a Cosplay Deviant model. I find CosDev the most tasteful among their competitors.

5. Who is your favorite character to cosplay?

I have yet to find a character that truly calls out to me or a favorite costume, but I am best known for my Yuna cosplay from Final Fantasy X and X-2. Regardless of what new costume I am wearing or where I am attending a convention, I can always count on at least one person to call me "Yuna!" Admittedly, I am pound to be remembered as such an infamous character & beam when fans compliment my Nirvana Summoner's Staff. My Gunner Yuna outfit has also earned a great deal of compliments, my favorite of which was received via Facebook: "You make a better Yuna then Yuna!"

6. Do you read comics? If so, what are your favorites?

BATMAN - all the way! It all started with the premier of Batman: The animated series on Foxkids. I used to watch it every day after school; never missed an episode. Batman stands as a perpetual symbol for my wonderful childhood. I never could get into The Hulk, Superman or Spiderman... I guess the aspect of superpowers just doesn't interest me. Especially if they allow the protagonist to be near invincible. For Bruce Wayne, death is a real possibility. He can't deflect bullets, run at light speed or fly. He operates purely on human skill...Batman constantly has to think, fight and strategize better then his enemy. Doesn't that make him amazing!?

Photobucket7. Are you a gamer, if so what is your favorite game and on what system?

Most certainly! I love RPG oldies like Final Fantasy VII, Lunar, Chrono Cross and Legend of Dragoon; however, if a timeless RPG isn't available I favor the next best thing: horror games! Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Resident Evil - All awesome. Between my brother and I we have an Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo 64, and a much neglected Xbox at our disposal. I am a lucky LUCKY gamer-girl.

8. What are your future plans in terms of cosplay?

It's time for bigger and better things! Lately, I find myself drawn to incredibly complex & beautiful costumes. Currently, I'm working on a green version of Samus Aran's armor as portrayed in Smash Bros Meelee. Making armor has been a fantastic learning experience. It's a real monster of a project involving cardboard, hot glue, wiring, fiberglass, bondo and heavy duty sanding! Let me tell you, if you can make a Metroid suit - you can make anything.

9. Where do you like to show off your costumes the most?

On Stage! I love to dance! and frequently enter cosplay Masquerades and contests. I have never entered with the intention of winning, only entertaining. A few of my performances can be seen on Youtube. My group's name is Triple J Cosplay (Formally Toxic Cosplay) and we are best known for a Caramelldansen routine performed at Anime Expo 2009. It created a lot of controversy in the cosplay community. You can read the comments listed on our Caramell videos for the dirt!

10. What would you say is your favorite genre to cosplay?

RPG characters - definitely!

Characters portrayed in RPGs tend to mean much more to me then those in comic books, manga or anime. After finishing a lengthy RPG I feel that I truly understand the individual's fears, values & motivation because we have shared an experience; a journey. The deeper my understanding and affection for a character, the better I am able to 'become' them while in costume.


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