Friday, April 1, 2011

Comic Review ~ Venom

Venom #1Once again Marvel has decide to change the character known as venom. Ever since we first saw the symbiote bond to Peter Parker in the Secret Wars, we have been interested in this alien life-form.  Personally, out of all the Venom hosts, I like Eddie Brock the best. Anyway, Marvel Comics has put out a new series of books out starring Venom.  Who is Venom this time?  Well, it is someone from Spider-Man and Parker's past.  The one and only Flash Thompson.  That's right, Peter's old bully grew up joined the military and became a hero when he lost his legs saving a life.  The symbiote gives Flash the ability to move freely and have legs again while he is allowed to wear the suit.
That's right, I said allowed.  You see, Venom is now property of the U.S. Government and meant to be used in dire situations and Black Ops mssions.  The catch, the wearer of the suit only has a few minutes to do the job before they want to remove Venom's contact with the host.  That way, there is no permanent bond or insanity to follow.
Flash as VenomWell, in issue #1, Venom does his best to save a scientist from being captured but when that fails, he prevents the enemy from getting the scientist in another way.  Jack O'Lantern is the main baddy that Venom has to fight besides an army equipped with tanks.  The new Jack is cool but I hate the fact that he rides a broom and not a glider. The look of the new Venom suit is well-done and so far the storyline is great.  I am not completely sold yet, but I will get the next issue to see where Marvel is taking the Venom Character.  I give this storyline a 8 out of 10 for the moment.

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