Friday, June 24, 2011

10 questions with Rosalind Friday

LeopardIt has been a long time, but it is time once again for an interview with a beautiful cosplayer/model.  The subject of today's interview is the always sensual Rosalind Friday. 

1. What is your name and where are you from?

Rosalind Friday, from Orlando, FL

2. My readers know you from your Geek Girl Pin-up photo set. Where else may they have seen you?

I am a regular attendee of DragonCon and Megacon every year, as far as publications, since I do mostly vintage or retro pinup modeling, I've had some shots featured in magazines of that genre. Most recently, Retro Lovely magazine, Rebel Rodz, Vintage Kittens and Rabid Magazine.

Geek3. How long have you been a model?

Around 3 years. I started off emceeing for a burlesque troupe and because I love the classic pinup culture and was lucky enough to meet some great photographers that shared that passion, it sort of took off right as the genre started experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity. Over time I have been able to incorporate my love for comics and costuming in with my "regular" photo shoot themes.

4. How did you discover modeling?

Oops, already answered that above I guess!

5. I also noticed that you have dressed up as Wonder Woman on several occasions, is she the only character you have cosplayed as?

 Nope :) She's my main costume for charity work (see below), but I love costuming for all my favorite genres of geekdom. I've done Zatanna, Lady Viper/Madame Hydra, Polaris, Sif, and some villains (a femme version of Captain Hook and Maleficent). I have also recreated a few costumes as tributes to Olivia's paintings of Bettie Page (Don't Tread on Me, School Teacher Bettie, and The Fuzz).

WW and thugs

6. What is it about Wonder Woman that draws you to her?

She is an ambassador from another world trying to do right by her people and by the human race, she is strong and confident without being arrogant, she is secure in her Amazonian heritage without being a "man-hater", she is not afraid to act when it is required but she tries to use her gifts judiciously. She is a great role model for young girls and I am proud to be amongst the costumers/cosplayer who get to donne the costume and try to do her iconic status justice.

Black7. When you do cosplay, where do you like to show off your costumes the best?

I work with a wonderful group of costumers here in central Florida called Costumers With a Cause (CWC). We regularly attend charity events to raise money for various organizations in need and do hospital visits for sick children. The charity work is really the most rewarding aspect of costuming, to make a sick child happy for a little while, and enable them to escape their illness or troubles for a bit, truly is the best feeling. As far as hanging out with my fellow costumers outside of that, I enjoy attending comic/scifi conventions :)

8. Where can my readers, as well as your fans, see more of your work?

Most of my portfolio is up on my DeviantArt page ( ) or my Pinuplifestyle page( ) Otherwise-- say hi to me at a convention! I will be doing a signing of the Geek Girl poster/print at the Hero Initiative booth one day at DragonCon this year, all proceeds will benefit the Hero Initiative charity :)
Thor and Sif9. Getting back to Wonder Woman, do you read comics in your spare time? If you do, which ones?

Yes, currently I am reading the DC limited series, Flashpoint. I have had to set down some of my Marvel comics (but desperately want to pick them back up again) in lieu of reading a few novels (I am in the middle of reading the Harry Dresden novels, the Song of Fire and Ice series, and awaiting the newest Temeraire book by Naomi Novik.)

10. What projects are you working on for the future?

Right now I am working on Jessica Rabbit and a femme version of a Brotherhood of Assassins costume from Assassins Creed. Also, the photographer that shot the "Geek Girl" series is working on some final edits for a Selena Kyle/Batman set we did at the same shoot :) As always, I am continuing my pinup work-- and have appearances in two 2012 calendars in the works, as well as a special Breast Cancer Awareness month shoot to benefit breast cancer research. Stay Tuned!


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