Saturday, October 29, 2011

New 52: Detective Comics

Cover #1
I admit, I was anti-new 52 at first.  In fact, I still am in certain areas.  For example costume changes, but I have to admit, out of all the New 52 issues I have read so far, they are pretty solid.  I am upset with the Firestorm title but that is another post in itself.  Let's talk about the issues that I think are hot and worth your time and money. 

DollmakerFor my first post about the New 52, I want to share my thoughts about Detective Comics.  What can I say?  I tell you what I can say...Damn, this is a good book!  The action in Detective Comics does not fail the world of Batman, not by a long shot.  I mean, you got murders happening in Gotham that appear to have the Joker's name on it.  You get the introduction to some new villains and man they are some freaks like Batman has not seen before. The Dollmaker is going to be a fixture in the DC universe for days to come.  This title is definitely a 5 out of 5 star book at the moment.


Do yourself a favor and pick up issues #1-3 today.

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