Friday, February 24, 2012

I love Fridays!

I know most comic readers love Wednesdays, but I love Fridays!  Why?  Because that is when I get an advanced pick at what comes out on Wednesday.  You see, I used to get my comics from a local store known as the School of Comics.  Well, thanks to all the economy crap, my favorite place to read and hang out was shut down.  Well, I found a couple of great dealers online and therefore Fridays are now my favorite comic related day.  Today was even made more special because I got my latest titles in the mail.  In fact when I finish this post, I am going to read them.
What titles did I get you ask?  Well, this week is nothing but a new 52 week from DC Comics.

The titles include:
Aquaman 6

Batmn 6

Dark Knight 6

Corps 6

New Guardians 6

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