Friday, February 24, 2012

Star Wars: Red Harvest

It has been a while since I did a book review on this blog.  The last book I reviewed was Star Wars: Deathtroopers by Joe Schreiber. This is fitting because the book I am about to discuss is the prequel to Deathtroopers, Red Harvest.  This book is also written by the New York Times bestselling author, Joe Schreiber.
Red HarvestWell as you may know, I am a huge Star Wars fan, especially stories dealing with mysteries of the Sith.  As we saw in Deathtroopers, there was some kind of virus that took over and made everyone into, well simply put, zombies.  Hell, Han and Chewie barely escaped the onslaught of the walking dead.  Anyway, after reading the novel, I was wondering where did the virus come from.  Well, the novel Red Harvest tells you just that, where the virus had its start.
Would you believe that a virus so evil, so destructive would come form the mind of a Sith lord?  I know I would. But would you believe that the heart of the disease comes from a beautiful orchid?  In the novel we find that it is one Darth Scabrous who develops the virus in his quest of immortality.  I do not want to share too much of the novel because I want you to read this pulse-pounding book for yourself.  This book takes place in the era of the Old Republic, which makes it an exciting read.
I realize this book came out last year and that I haven't reviewed it as soon as I would have liked to, but it really is a good read.  If you liked Deathtroopers, you will love Red Harvest.  I give this novel 9 out of 10 stars.  Enjoy!

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