Saturday, March 3, 2012

Justice League: Doom

DoomToday I would like to review the animated film, Doom starring the Justice League from DC Comics.  First of all let me say I am a big fan of the animated movies from DC Comics, but this was not my favorite film that they have released recently.  Don't get me wrong, it was a decent film and the animation as well as voices were astonishing, but when I think of the Legion of Doom I think of Bizarro, Grundy, and Sinestro.  I understand that they were trying to have villains for the team members they showed, but if you are going to have Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern, you need to have Sinestro as his nemesis in the Legion.  I am not a big fan of Cyborg being in the league but it really did fit for the film.  I would have love to seen Aquaman though. 
All in all the film is worth a viewing.I do not want to give the story away so I will not go into detail of the plot.  I will say however, the Green Lantern effects and Bane scenes were great!  I give this film a strong 7 out of 10.  Like I said earlier, it is not my favorite DC animated film, but it is good none the less.

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