Thursday, April 5, 2012

Magik (the mini-series)

Issue 1I was going through some old comics today and came across a mini-series straight from the pages of the X-men.  The title I found was for the one and only, Magik.  This was her first mini-series and it gave us an inside look at how she would eventually become the powerful mutant everyone knows and loves.  I was planning on reading it tonight.

Issue 2

I was talking (via the internet)  to my friend (the always lovely Pigeon Foo) about it and it turns out she was doing a Magik photo shoot tonight as well.  We had a nice conversation about how bad ass Magik is and she asked me to read them in her honor, so I did.  I mean, what are the odds right?  I find a book I want to read again and I also have a friend cosplaying that very same character on the same day.  I mean, it was destiny!

Well, as I read the story I was taken back to how well the story was written.  The dimensional differences between the "real" X-men and those who were trapped in the underworld dimension was awesome.  I really enjoyed watching Nightcrawler use three swords as well as the Cat character.  I loved that look and I wondered to myself, "Has anyone cosplayed that version of Kitty Pryde?"  Anyway, it is a kick-ass story that everyone should check out, especially Magik or
X-men fans.  I give it a strong 8.5 out of 10 stars.

                   (Pigeon Foo as Magik)

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