Friday, July 11, 2014

In Case You Missed It: Deadpool vs Carnage

Today I am doing a review on the Marvel Mini-Series titled Deadpool Vs. Carnage.  I chose to wait until all the issues were out to do this review, hence the reason it is an In Case You Missed It post. Let's start this post off with looking at the cover image from issue #1.

With a title such as Deadpool Vs. Carnage, you knew it would be full of violence and insanity and it did not fail in that aspect.  The story begins with Carnage escaping his prison and going on a killing spree.  Our hero, the Merc with a mouth, learns about this killing spree while watching TV at home.  Wade then thinks to himself that he may be the only one insane enough to track and stop Carnage.  He asks for a sign and boy does he get one.  He then realizes the only way to track someone who is insane is to let his own insanity guide him.

He finally catches up to Carnage and starts to serve his brand of justice, when he realizes that Carnage has a companion, and she is going to be a problem. Well, no matter, Deadpool can overcome any injuries, even ones to his face.  Once it appears that Wade is finished, Cassidy aka Carnage wants to know how Wade found him.

Of course when Deadpool tells him his insanity led the way, Carnage doesn't believe him. Realizing that Deadpool isn't actually easy to kill, Carnage and Shriek mess him up really good before making there escape.  Well, when Deadpool heals, he eventually catches up to the devious duo and tries to put and end to the madness once and for all.  Easier said than done, I tell you.  There were epic battles and even help from the strangest people along the way, but what won the war for Wade was his insanity.  Carnage couldn't compete with Deadpool's mind, so he locks himself up until he can face the challenge that is Deadpool's mind. 

If you are a Deadpool fan, then you will love this series.  Hell, if you are a comic fan period, you will love this series.  I realize it may be hard to get all 4 issues from your comic supplier since issue #1 was released a couple of mots ago, but I recommend trying to h=get your hands on it. Hell, go the digital or eBay route if you have to.  You could always wait for the trade to come out as well.  Either way, you will want to read this book.  I give the series a strong 10 out of 10 and I think you will do the same.

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