Wednesday, July 23, 2014

the Punisher #7 and #8, an amazing tale of a hero

This is not going to be an ordinary comic review, it's more of a praise to the Nathan Edmondson and Kevin Maurer for writing such a wonderful story arc.  In the first six issues, Frank had his hands full with the Doles Soles gang, Electro, and a military strike force known as the Howling Commandos.  Everyone wanted him dead and they almost accomplished that very goal.  

In issue #7, Frank finds himself in Southern Mexico getting patched up from the Howling Commandos' bullet that almost claimed his life.  He knew it would be dangerous, but he had no choice.  While he was passed out from surgery, the doctor called on the local "police" knowing who he just helped.  Frank should have felt lucky because he had a police escort to hell.  When he reaches his "final" destination, he finds himself in Guanacaste. which is a city on the Coasta Rica and Nicaragua border.  This city is home to El Diablito aka Mr. Ortiz.  Well, Mr. Ortiz is in the business of making money and with that being said, Frank is worth more alive than dead, but that doesn't mean he cannot have a little fun.  After they mess Frank up, they throw him in a cell with another American.  This American happens to be a medic on a special forces team that was sent to shadow Mr. Ortiz. The medic and Frank hatch a plan to get out and get help.  What they don't know is, while they have escaped El Diablito's base of operations, the merc Crossbones is on his way for the Punisher.  When Frank realizes whose on their trail, he knows it is time for War.

Frank and the medic give Crossbones a little bit of Hell on Earth, even manged to trick the merc with a mine. An epic battle occurs and Frank is close to winning but Crossbones has the "best" of them, well at least for the moment.  Frank gives up his freedom to let the medic, Tom live as well as find the remains of his fallen brethren and send them back home.  Crossbones agrees because his payday is Frank and that is all he wants.

It is in that moment were this comic book became a touching story about Patriotism and the Brotherhood of Soldiers.  Unless you are or were in the military, it might be hard to understand, but you never leave a soldier behind.  Frank gave Tom the chance to live on and fight another day, and he gave the rest of the unit the ability to go home and Rest In Peace.  The story ends with Tom's point of view and how things have changed since that meeting with the Punisher.  Frank has earned a permanent spot on his team, and he knows that Frank will always have his back.

Well done Marvel, well done indeed!  
These two issues have a perfect rating of 10 out of 10, 'nuff said!

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