Monday, January 18, 2016

Spider-Man/Deadpool #1 Comic Review

Let me just start this review by saying it is about time that Wade and Peter get a book together.  With that being said let the hilarity begin.

Anyone who has been a true comic fan knows that one of Spidey's gifts was the gift of gab.  Decades pass and all of a sudden we have a new comer wanting the title.  Of course we know the challenger as Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.  So it was only fitting for them to star in a title together.  We know Wade as the Merc with a mouth and he lives up to that title.  Don't believe me?  Just check out the panel above.

Issue #1 finds the team of Spider-Man and Deadpool in the depths of hell about to be tortured by the Mindless Ones.  How did they get there, well you really need to read the issue to understand the flashback.  Eventually they get free and resolve the issue at hand only to make it back to New York to be attacked by a polluted Hydro Man is bent on getting money or destroying the city.

the Mindless Ones aren't so Mindless anymore.

I know that you must be thinking, wait, Derf really hasn't told us much and you would be right.  This book is one that I really feel that you should pick up and enjoy for yourself.  I, myself, had some laugh out loud moments I am proud to say.  My biggest LOL moment was when Deadpool provided the Mindless Ones with brains.

Anyway, I give Spider-Man Deadpool #1 a strong 9 out of 10 rating.  Some people may give it a perfect 10, but there was too much going on in this issue for me to.  I look forward in getting issue #2 to see if Deadpool succeeds in his plan on becoming Spidey's partner.

Until next time, unleash your inner NERD and get your READ on!

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