Friday, March 11, 2016

Comics You Should Be Reading: Street Fighter vs G.I. Joe #1

     If you are anything like me, then you grew up watching G.I. Joe cartoons and losing quarters to the Street Fighter game at the arcade.  That is why I was beyond happy when I found out that IDW was coming out with a Street Fighter vs G.I. Joe comic.
     Issue #1 begins with the introduction of a tournament known as the World Warrior Tournament.  Who thought of such a wonderful tournament?  Why Major Bison and Destro of course.  Why are these great fighters gathered together?  Well, the future will answer that question but we are given some clues from this amazing first issue.
    There are classic fights, the first we witness is a classic battle between Crimson Viper and Snake-Eyes.  Then, we see matches that include baroness and Roadblock.  Who exactly wins these bouts?  Well, I could spoil it for you but I choose not to.  All I can say is that this comic has all the key players that one needs to be satisfied.

    I strongly give issue one a rating of 10 out of 10 stars.   In fact, I was so impressed with the book, that I contacted the writer, Aubrey Sitterson for an interview for that website you know and love, Somewhatnerdy.  He said yes, so be on the look out.  Until next time, get your READ on and Yo Joe!

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