Thursday, May 26, 2016

Captain America...Agent of HYDRA?

Well, well, well, Marvel has once again launched themselves in controversial waters.  The latest controversy comes to us from this week's release of Captain America: Steve Rogers #1.  What could the controversy be besides the fact that Steve is young again and wants to be called Cap?  Well, it turns out he is working with HYDRA...or is he?

I know there are many fans going that's it!  I quit!  Just like when Sam Wilson became Cap or when Jane Foster became the new Thor.  People, these are comics.  A comic tells a story of imagination and brings that imagination to life with art.  As we all know, controversy increase hype, which then increases sales.  So, with that said, I do not mind or even question the change.  The comic would not be called Captain America if Steve is a faithful member of HYDRA.  This is all part of a story folks.  Hell, it may turn out that the real Steve died or is being held captive and this is an impostor.  Who knows, the possibilities are endless.  So, before you throw away your collection or stop getting comics, just remember to give it time and all will work itself out.  I should know, I was pissed when Marvel killed the Punisher, but he is back and better than ever.  So, chillax and enjoy the show.

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