Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Let's Talk Comics on TV: Preacher

AMC has continued to take comics and successfully transition them to TV.  Now that season 1 of Preacher is over, I am curious to hear from you the fans on your thoughts of the matter.

I for one was not a die hard fan of the show until episode 5 when we found out more about Genesis and exactly what it can do.   When Jesse condemned Eugene to Hell and that is exactly what happened, the hairs on my arms stood straight up. That is how well, the show captured that moment.  From episode 5 until the finale I was entranced.  In fact I had a DVR marathon yesterday just to see it before writing this post.

Now, I know there are naysayers and doubters of the show because it isn't paced exactly like the comics, but that is fine with me.  I mean look, you still have some people bitch about how the Walking Dead isn't like the books.  Who cares as long as it is entertaining?  I wasn't sold on Preacher right away but I am a big fan now and I cannot wait to see what will take place in Season 2.  I will say that the casting of Jesse and Cassidy is just plain brilliant and gives the show the life it needs to last.

I what to know, what are your thoughts on the matter.  Please feel free to post in the comments section and I will try to answer you in a timely matter.  Until next time, get your READ on and in this case, get you TV on. XD

Monday, August 1, 2016

Comic Spotlight: The Predator and the Prey

I have been recovering from surgery for the past week and in my time I have been reading some of my old issues just to pass the time.  Anyway, and idea was created to start sharing some of my favorite classic stories.  I know I have done something similar in the past but I wanted to make improvements to my posts.  So, for this MARVELous Monday, I thought I would start with the classic The Predator and the Prey story line that took place in the issues of the Spectacular Spider-Man #215 and #216.

The story features a beaten Scorpion wanting to figure out what's next in his life.  He is ready to give up everything.  He is tired of getting stopped by your neighborhood wall crawler. Just when all hope is lost, he bumps into a recluse billionaire by the name of Phillip Cussler,who wants to help the Scorpion.  In helping the Scorpion, he wants to get back at his family who is trying to get their inheritance according to him.  Anyway, Scorpion and Cussler come up with a plan to stop Spider-man.  Unfortunately for them the plan doesn't work. As a beaten, mentally and physically, Spider-Man leaves the sewer, his senses go off and he strikes without thinking.  Who does he strike?  Well, Mr. Cussler of course.  Problem is, Jameson was there with a photographer to catch it all.  That ends part 1.

In part 2, we find Peter trying to cope with what happened, not only his recent run in with JJJ, but with his Aunt May's failing health.  He decided to take some time to visit May while on his way he spots Mac aka Scorpion walking near the hospital as well.  It appears that Cussler is at the same hospital as May.  So, we follow into the sewer's and there Spider-Man is waiting and pounces on Mac without hesitation.  He is pleading for his life but Spidey keeps dishing out the punishment.  Tired, Spidey leaves and trusts that what Mac has told him is true.  We then find Peter in Aunt May's room when a webbed warrior swings by her room.  Peter runs to the top and guess what, he runs into his clone Ben O'Riley.  Duh, duh, dunnnn. XD

One thing I love about this story line is the artwork.  Sal Buscema is a talent like no other.  Whenever I think about how the Scorpion should look, I always go to the cover of Spectacular #215.  That is how I will always think the Scorpion should look like.