Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wanna Wrestle? G.L.O.W. Spotlight - Tina Ferrari

The above image is that of one Lisa Moretti.  She is a very popular women's wrestler who got her start in an organization known as G.L.O.W.  Her ring name was Tina Ferrari.   She was a multiple champion for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling organization but you may remember her best by her other persona that won her championships in the WWE known as Ivory.

Yes, Tina and Ivory are one in the same.  G.L.O.W. wrestlers do not get the respect they should have for setting the landscape to allow women's wrestling to be successful.  I just posted my review of the new Netflix series G.L.O.W. over and Somewhatnerdy,  To read it, please click here - G.L.O.W. Review .  I feel that it is about time that someone told the tale, sure the show maybe a work of fiction for the most part, but where it counts is all truth.  I mean, it was a struggle to get the women equal billing in wrestling, any fan knows that.  I am just glad that G.L.O.W. is finally getting recognized the way it should.  I do hope that in the next season, we see some of the regulars from the glory days featured in an episode or two.  Until then, enjoy this match of Tina Ferrari taking on Manna the Headhunter in this classic G.L.O.W. match.

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