Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Showcase: Silver Swan

    While I was going through my comic list for my picks of the week, I noticed that Wonder Woman was going to witness the return of a classic villain.  The story arc is titled"Swan Song" and the villain is none other than the Silver Swan.
For those of you who do not know, the Silver Swan is a villain that has tormented Wonder Woman since the '80's. 

    Swan debuted in issue #288 back in February of '82.  The original story states that Helen Alexandros made a deal with Mars to be beautiful and powerful, in return she had to destroy Wonder Woman.  A large task, but Helen was willing to do anything to be the star she felt she was.  The two women battled and Swan came close to victory, but in the end it was Wonder Woman who was victorious.

    Since that battle, the Silver Swan has made many appearances as well as costume changes in the Wonder Woman comic series.  Not only has her looked changed, but the actual person to claim the name Silver Swan has changed 3 times.  I'll have to wait to read the current story line to see if their is a 4th identity to reveal.  Anyway, there has been 3 known women to fight Wonder Woman as the Silver Swan.  They are Helen Alexandros, Valerie Beaudry, and Vanessa Kapatelis.

    I feel we need to see more of the Silver Swan.  I would love for her to make an appearance in a DC film or show, even if just an animated film, to give her the credit she is owed.  I was heavy into DC Comics in the '80's and she is on one of the most iconic covers that I owned as a child.  The cover was for issue #15 (Vol. 2) back in 1988.  You can see for yourself how epic it was by looking below.

    I thought the cover was cool as a child, and I still think it is cool to this day.  I would love to more of the Silver Swan.  Hell, maybe the boys and girls at Funko could make a Silver Swan Pop.  That would be AWESOME!  Silver Swan is an important part of Dina's past and I urge you to look into the stories starring the battles of Wonder Woman and Silver Swan.

Until next time, get your READ on!

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