Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Showcase: John Stewart

    Today marks the last Saturday Showcase spotlight for Black History Month, so I decided to end with my favorite African-American hero of all time.  I chose Green Lantern Corps member, John Stewart.  I know he is used more than past Saturday Showcases have been, but I feel his story is still important.

    We were first introduced to John Stewart back in the '70's (December '71/January '72 to be precise).  His first appearance was in Green Lantern #87 and he was created by Neil Adams and Dennis O'Neal.  He is noted as being DC Comics's first black superhero.  He was created at a time when a positive role model was needed.  Why should all the heroes be white?  It wasn't right!  So Neal went to then editor Julius Schwartz to pitch his idea and John Stewart was born.

    One thing I always loved about John is that he spoke his mind.  He was the first lantern to say no to a mask.  He had nothing to hide.  He was a black hero and not a villain so why hide his face?  Exactly!  Hal may be the most popular lantern, but in my opinion, John is the most loved.  That is why I feel that it is the John Stewart lantern than shows up in the cartoons and animated films of the past few decades.

    Another reason I love John, is the simple fact that he represents the military. It is no secret that John served as a sniper in combat.  His experience as a sniper has come in handy as a Green Lantern and has saved many lives.  In the Blackest Night saga alone he can be credited with saving thousands of lives with his quick thinking and sniper skills.

    In a world full of villains, it is nice to turn to comics and find heroes that inspire us to do right.  John is such an inspiration to all, not just the African-American community but all.  I have always felt that John could be the Lantern that the DC films needs to concentrate on.  I would pay to see a stand alone John Stewart Lantern film or a Justice League film with John in t.  With the success of the Black Panther, the time is NOW!

    Until Next time, get your READ on!

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