Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday Showcase: Halo

Halo takes flight.
    Today's Saturday Showcase spotlights one of my favorite comic series as a kid.  The comic was Batman and the Outsiders, and today's showcase is Halo.  No, not the video game, but one of the founding members of the Outsiders who I feel does not get enough credit.

The original Outsiders

    Halo is a super-heroine that first appeared in a special insert in The Brave and the Bold #200 (July '83), and was created by Mike W. Barr and Jim Aparo.  Halo is an individual with a strange background to say the least.  It took the death of Violet Harper that allowed Halo to exist.  Like I said, a strange background.  LoL.  After Halo's "Birth", she used her powers to help those in need.  She found a "friend" in Katana which leads to her joining the Outsiders.


    Powers & Abilities:

    Halo has the ability to fly and to create auras of different colors around herself, called halos, which have different effects:
  • Red halo: Heat beams
  • Orange Halo: Concussive-force beams
  • Yellow Halo: Brilliant light
  • Green Halo: Stasis beam
  • Blue Halo: Holographic-distortion effect
  • Indigo Halo: Tractor beam
  • Violet Halo: Gave the sociopathic personality of Violet Harper control of the body, enabling her to use any or all of Halo's powers
the Outsiders (00's)
   Halo has lived and died more than once, but in the world of comics you cannot keep a good hero down. I look forward to seeing Halo in the future.  Hopefully, she will make a cameo on the Outsiders new series.  I suggest you pick up some old issues of Batman and the Outsiders so you can really enjoy the complexity that is Halo.  Hell, do an internet search if you want to.  Just remember, you read it here first.

Don't mess with Halo
Until next time, get your READ on!

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