Saturday, January 5, 2019

Saturday Showcase: Ikari

    Ikari is one of those characters who had potential to be a major player in the Marvel Universe.  I understand, he was created to challenge and possibly assassinate Daredevil, but he had so much more to offer.  I mean Bullseye started as villain for Daredevil but has since had fights with New York's finest heroes like the Punisher as well as Spider-Man.  So to limit Ikari to just Daredevil was a mistake in my opinion.  That is why he is the focus of today's Saturday Showcase.

    Ikari was first introduced in 2013.  He was created by the team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee.  His first appearance was Daredevil Vol. 3, #25 and he was the assassin hired by Bullseye to help Lady Bullseye kill the Daredevil once and for all.  Ikari was also paid by the Kingpin to kidnap Foggy Nelson and Kirsten McDuffie , friends of Matt Murdock, to serve as an insurance policy that the Daredevil would have to fight Ikari.  This was no ordinary fight, it was a fight to the death.

    Matt and Ikari fought for hours and Ikari almost got the job done until someone interrupted the battle.  Who was that someone?  Well, it was none other than the Shroud.  You see, the Shroud's girlfriend was taken by the Kingpin and he wanted revenge.  I believe Fisk thought the Shroud was broken down and would have helped him, but in the end he ruined Fisk's plans and killed Ikari with a Darkforce construct (Daredevil Vol. 4, #17).  Ikari's body disappeared from the ambulance, but his severed head was later seen hanging on the wall of Kraven's trophy room (Captain America #697).

Death at the hands of the Shroud
    Here is what I feel should have happened.  I feel, Ikari could have been stopped without the Shroud killing him.  I think Ikari would have been a good villain to introduce to Moon Knight, the Punisher, Spider-Man or even Iron Fist.  His name means fury in Japanese for Pete's sake!  It wouldn't be the first time a villain was introduced in one title and then become a mainstay in another.  For example, Sabretooth was introduced as an Iron Fist villain way before he took on Wolverine or the X-men.  

  All I am saying is, they had a kick ass villain and they just kill him off after 2 years. Sure, it's the world of comics and it wouldn't be unheard of for Ikari to come back but that would mean a back story to explain what happened.  Unless of course they bring him back in the next Secret or Infinity War, LoL.  I really hope we see him again but until then, get your READ on!

Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting...

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