Saturday, January 26, 2019

Saturday Showcase: Tomax and Xamot

Tomax and Xamot...or is it Xamot and Tomax?
    This episode of Saturday Showcase is brought to you by my childhood and my love of G.I. Joe.  When I was young, G.I. Joe was the cartoon I could not miss.  I always loved watching the adventures of my favorite "toys" going into battle.  One day, I was introduced to the twins that lead the Crimson Guard. The twins are Tomax and Xamot and they were my favorite COBRA baddies next to Zartan and his Dreadnoks.  I loved them so much, that when I first saw them on the screen I had to go to Toys'R'Us to get them so I could include them into my after school battles against the joes.

On the run
    Fast forward to a trip at my local drug store only to browse through the comics only to see Tomax and Xamot had made their first appearance in the comics.  I was so excited because I love the way the twins interact with others.  For example, when one gets punched the other feels it.  That, for some reason, always stuck with me through the years and allowed my battles as a child to be entertaining to say the least.  

    I must apologize, I have spent this entire post talking about my love of the twins without giving you any facts.  Tomax and Xamot were first introduced in 1985 for the Real American Hero series that promoted the G. I. Joe toy line.  They also made their appearance in Marvel Comics in 1985 with their first appearance being in issue # 37.  They have gone on to star in other comics from the Joe Universe as well as make appearances in the G.I. Joe app Battleground. (An app they should bring back by the way)

G.I. Joe #37 (July 1985)

First appearance: 1985
Voiced by:  Corey Burton (Tomax) & Michael Bell (Xamot) - G.I. Joe
                    Stephen Stanton (both) - Renegades
Affiliation: Cobra
Specialty: Crimson Guard Commanders
File Name: Tomax Paoli & Xamot Paoli
Birth Place: Ajaccio, Corsica
Abilities: Infiltration, Espionage, Sabotage, Propaganda, & Corporate Law
Subgroups: Crimson Guard; Extensive Enterprises

Twins on the Hunt (Photo by Unknown)

    Well, I could go on and on about the Crimson Twins, but I feel I am biased and you should make your own decisions about how bad ass Xamot and Tomax were.

Until next time, get your READ on or in this case, watch some classic cartoons.  COBRA!!!!

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