Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday Showcase: the Reavers

Lady Deathstrike and the Reavers
    This Saturday Showcase spotlights one of my favorite band of villains that the X-Men have ever faced.  I am talking about the Reavers.  Who are the Reavers?  Well, The Reavers are a team of criminal cyborgs dedicated to the destruction of the mutant X-Men, and a number of them especially wanted to take revenge on one particular X-Man, Wolverine. The name was originally used by a gang of Australian cyborgs. The name later referred to a group under the leadership of Donald Pierce, consisting of the three survivors from the original Reavers along with other cyborgs.

    The Reavers first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #229 (May 1988) and were created by Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri.  Members include Donald Pierce,
Lady Deathstrike, Pretty Boy, Bonebreaker, Skullbuster, Wade Cole, Angelo Macon, Murray Reese, Skullbuster #2 (Cylla Markham), and Josh Foley.

Reavers in action.
    The team roster has change many times during the years due to deaths at the hands of Wolverine and the X-men as well as other heroes like the Punisher.  Yes, the Reavers were stupid enough to tangle with Frank.  The rosters can be seen below.

First Team

  • Bonebreaker
  • Skullbuster
  • Pretty Boy
  • Various unnamed other members (deceased or reincarnated)

Second Team
  • Donald Pierce (leader)
  • Lady Deathstrike
  • Wade Cole (deceased)
  • Angelo Macon (deceased)
  • Murray Reese (deceased)
  • Bonebreaker (arrested)
  • Skullbuster
  • Skullbuster (Cylla)
  • Pretty Boy (arrested)
    There were several more teams to follow, but they did not have the same spark or fire as the first two teams.  My favorite team will always be the second team.

1st Appearance Uncanny X-men #229 (One of my favorite all time covers as well)
    The Reavers were all about getting what's theirs.  They started off as a mutant kill team and then they went on to any crimes, but mainly focused their hatred on mutants.  Wolverine was always a pain in their side, which made me love the characters even more.
    In 2017, a team of Reavers showed up in the film Logan.  They also saw a resurgence in the comics in 2018 when they joined Havok to destroy a threat that was even bigger than them.  Although it was strange seeing the Reavers fight for good, it was still good to see them.  Recently, Skullbuster got his own Marvel Legends figure.  I would also love to see a Pretty Boy and Bonebreaker come out in future Marvel Legends figures.  I mean they for a cool look.  They are Cyborgs for crying out loud, LoL.  That;s just my opinion though.
Rogue, in the hands of the Reavers
    This has been my spotlight on the Reavers.  I suggest you do some back issue digging at your local comic store so you can enjoy these classic battles with the Marvel Universe.  I am giving you a reading list to help you realize exactly who the Reavers are.

Issues you should read:

  1. Uncanny X-Men #229
  2. Uncanny X-Men #247-249
  3. Uncanny X-Men #251-255
  4. Punisher  (Vol.2) #33-34
  5. Wolverine (Vol. 2) #35-39
    That is all for now.  Until next time, get your READ on!

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