Saturday, May 27, 2023

Saturday Showcase: the White Dragon


I apologize for my absence as of late.  Just a lot going on as the road known as life gets longer.  For my return to the Saturday Showcase, I figured I would spotlight some Spidey villains since the new Spider-Verse film is on the way.  Today I want to talk about a villain that I first discovered in a Marvel Team-Up comic starring Moon Knight.  That villain is the White Dragon.  Now, there has been several versions of the White Dragon but I am here to discuss the second one.  His name is unknown but he is the leader of the Dragon Lords in Chinatown.   Let's dig into the history of the man known simply as the White Dragon.

The origin of the second White Dragon is unknown. He is the leader of the Dragon Lords in Chinatown. We are first introduced to him when the Dragon Lords tried to force Philip Chang to join them. Philip was rescued by Spider-Man who then defeated White Dragon and handed him over to the police.

An effort to kill the White Dragon was started  after he killed the leader of the Tiger's Claw gang. The battle took place at Philip Chang's restaurant.  Spider-Man arrived with Moon Knight to help Philip. White Dragon was then defeated by Moon Knight while Spider-Man saved Philip and the restaurant from being bombed.  Moon Knight discovered that White Dragon was working with Kingpin to seize control over Chinatown.

During the Dark Reign storyline, Mister Negative killed some of White Dragon's men in Sunset Park to gain control of Chinatown. Shortly after that, White Dragon joined up with Hood's crime syndicate where Hood sent him to supervise all operations there with his Dragon Lords including Mister Negative's business. White Dragon had a meeting with Mister Negative stating that Hood is going to take over his business and that Mister Negative was going to pay 65% of all his earnings to Hood. White Dragon was surprised that Mister Negative agreed to it, but then Mister Negative shook White Dragon's hand to corrupt him. Upon being sent back to Hood, the corrupted White Dragon attacked Hood's allies Bloodshed, Lightmaster. Spot, Squid, and White Rabbit while informing Hood that all Tong stood behind Mister Negative to keep Hood out of Chinatown. Hood then shot White Dragon several times and the seemingly-dead White Dragon returned to his uncorrupted state.

White Dragon shows up alive in London, where he becomes embroiled in a conflict with the local triad leader Skull-Crusher. He sends Razor Fist to kill Skill Crusher's lover and undercover MI-6 agent Leiko Wu, in Chinatown. When Leiko's ex-lover Shang-Chi arrives in London to investigate her murder, White Dragon sends his assassins to kill him, only to be repeatedly thwarted by the Master of Kung Fu. During his skirmishes with White Dragon, Shang-Chi, Skull-Crusher, the Daughters of the Dragon and the Sons of the Tiger discover that White Dragon has access to the Mao Shan Pai, a powerful Chinese black magic. When Shang-Chi and Skull-Crusher arrive at White Dragon's estate to fight him, they are captured by Shang-Chi's brother, Midnight Sun, who reveals himself to be the true mastermind behind White Dragon's actions.

Publication Information

First Appearance:  The Amazing Spider-Man #184

Created by Marv Wolfman & Ross Andru

Team Affiliations
  • Dragon Lords
  • Hood's Unnamed Crime Syndicate
  • Expert martial artist
  • Wears a costume with steel claws
  • Gas and fire projection via dragon mask

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