Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sith Witch

     Have you been watching the latest episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars?  Well, if you have, you just finished watching the Night Sisters trilogy.  For those of you who do not know, the  Night Sisters were a group of Dathomiri Witches (usually exiled from one of the other clans) who used the Dark Side of the Force. Though they used the dark side, their powers and abilities were quite different from the Sith Lords, which caused confusion among Jedi  scholars as to who or what they really were. 
     During the Clone Wars, there was a coven under the leadership of Mother Talzin, who welcomed back and helped Asajj Ventress in her quest for vengeance against Dooku, who had betrayed her. Which is where the Night Sisters Trilogy came into play.
     Anyway, after seeing the episode last night, I was on the Star Wars blog and found this wonderful image of a Sith Witch cosplay and I decided to share.  You also should check out the link to Bryan Humphrey's Deviantart gallery because he is just awesome!  I see a lot of Cosplay of the Day coming from there if he let's me, lol.  Anyway, Sith Witch portrayed by Mary Ellen Berglund.
Sith Witch


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