Sunday, February 13, 2011


Issue 4    I recently read the 4 issue mini-series titled Taskmaster from Marvel comics.  I cannot say enough about this series.  It was F'N amazing!  I mean, Taskmaster was always one of my favorite villians since he first appeared fighting the Avengers back in the day.  Then, he went toe-to-toe with Deadpool and my personal favorite, Moon Knight.  Each story that involved him may have seen minor, but thanks to his own mini-series, we now know what the truth is behind his insanity.
    In issue #1, we find a man sitting in a diner not knowing who he is or why he is there. He is drawn to the place, but has no reason why.  While this gentlemen is talking to the waitress, the reader is shown what is going around and under the diner.  What is it you ask?  Agents from Hydra, AIM, and other terrorist organizations are out to kill the gentleman in the diner for he is the one and only, Taskmaster.  Why would they want him dead?  Turns, out there is a rumor that he has been working with Steve Rogers to bust major terrorist cells.  Well, back in the diner a Hydra operative tries to get all the glory  and in doing so, tips off the man with no memory a glimpse of his past, which helps him understand what he needs to do to escape alive.  Well, after gunfire and all kinds of hell breaking loose, the Taskmaster and waitress make it out alive.  When they go to part, he lets his new partner know she needs to stay with him because there is now a bounty on her head.  Quite a first issue, huh? 
Taskmaster 2    The following issues have Taskmaster going places to try to help him remeber exactly who he is, but anyone and everyone that knows him is trying to kill him to collect the bounty on their heads. He fights friends, foes, and even a villiage of Hitler's.  You will understand the Hitler thing when you read the series.  Anyway, Steve Rogers is on Taskmaster's tail when Nick Fury fills Rogers in that things are not what they seem.  In the end, Taskmaster remebers who he and how he got his abilities only to loose his memory again to battle the leader of MILF, again don't ask, just read. :) This series explains it all and is very well written. Marvel knew what they were doing on this one.
    Is Taskmaster the villian we always thought him to be or is he really a hero? You decide.  This series gets a 10 out of 10.  Go to a local comic shop or go online and get your copies today!  You will not be disappointed.
    After reading it, I was like I should custom a Taskmaster to showcase on future posts fighting the Joes, Cobra, and other heroes and villians but then I read that Hasbro will be putting a set out in April.  Oh Joy!  Check it out!

Available April 2011:
April 2011 Comic set

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