Sunday, September 23, 2012

Earth 2 #0 Comic Review

As some of you may know, I do the comic reviews for the site,  
Well, sometimes I have to choose from a multitude of choices. 
SO, I decided to start doing mini-reviews on this site.  A mini-review is for the books I enjoyed and think you will as well. 
My major reviews will still go up at somewhatnerdy, so make sure to follow both sites.

    For my first mini-review, I choose issue #0 of the Earth 2 series from DC Comics New 52 line-up.
The story is titled a Hero's Tale and it is written by James Robinson and drawn by Tomas Giorello.  The story is told from the perspective of Terry Sloan aka Mr. 8, who is a member of the league of heroes who are trying to stop Darkseid's invasion of Earth 2.  Well, Terry is all about survival of the fittest and he has figured out a way to prolong his life.  How he does this is down right evil.  He turns on the League and and does a dimensional jump as Earth 2 is destroyed.  To be known as a hero or villain is of little consequence to Terry, for his main goal is to make the world a stronger world no matter the cost.

    Great Art + Great Writing = a damn good book!  5 out of 5 stars.

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