Friday, April 29, 2011

Firestorm Friday

BagI realize this Firestorm Friday post is late, but you will know why in a few.  Anyway, due to reasons that are personal, I was asked to watch my nephew and take him to the movies today.  Well, after the movies I took my nephew to McDonalds because I knew they started the Brave and the Bold line today.  Well, I went ahead and got me a Happy Meal as well and I am glad I did.  You see, the new toy line comes with 3 toys each meal.  And when I opened my meal to a wonderful surprise.  There was a Firestorm and Solomon Grundy in my meal.  I thought to myself, self this would make a good Firestorm Friday post.  The reason the timing is so late is because I had a hectic day and this was the first that I could share.  I wish the makers actually took the time to paint the Firestorm better, but hell I am just glad for the recognition he got to be made a Happy Meal toy to begin with.  Anyway, enough ranting, LOL.  I have included a pic so that you may see if you want to go to your nearest golden arches yourself.

Solomon Grundy, Two-Face, and Firestorm

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  1. I'm also happy about the existence of the McDonalds toy, just disappointed with the paint job.

    I wrote my thoughts earlier this week.

    The Irredeemable Shag