Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kneel Before Zod

Who can it be?Did anyone see the Smallville episode "Dominion" last night?  I was in comic geek heaven.  (*Spoiler Alert*)  When Slade shows up on Earth after being freed from the Phantom Zone, and Clark went all hero to see how, I thought oh this is going to be good.  When Oliver hitched a ride and they ended up in the throne room of Zod, I thought oh this is going to be good once again.  But when Zod made said, Kneel Before Zod, I said this is going to be DAMN good!  And you know what, I was right.  This by far was one of the best episodes by far.  From the mentioning of the "league" to Darkseid's plans for Earth, it was just one great episode.  If you didn't see it, see if you know someone who recorded it, or download it today. I promise you will not be disappointed.



  1. I enjoyed it too! You can also catch it on but I don't think they upload the previous week's episode until Tuesday of the following week. Which means it should be available tomorrow.