Monday, June 25, 2012

Classic Cover of the Day

Moon Knight Vol.1 #8

Interview with Gammo Gahato

Those of you who follow my blog know I interview the best of the best when it comes to cosplayers.  With that being said, I have a great interview with one of the best female Jokers out there.  Because you want more interviews, I give to you,  my interview with the talented and beautiful, Gammo Gahato.
1. What is your name and where are you from?

My cosplay screenname is Gammo Gahato, but my actual name is Kelly, and I've lived in northern Virginia all my life.

2. How did you discover cosplay?

Back when I was about 16 or 17 I began watching more anime, so my friends invited me to a convention (Anime USA). After attending, I saw how many people actually cosplayed and how interesting the outfits were, so I looked into more anime for ideas (namely the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). Upon the next Otakon I had already ordered my outfit from a seamstress online and donned school girl look! And a cosplayer was born! Given I only ordered two outfits to begin with and then created the rest.

3. What characters have you cosplayed in the past?
As previously mentioned I have cosplayed Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as Hatsune Miku, an OC named Gammo, Silent Hill nurse, Female Fighter from Disgaea, Princess Garnet from Final Fantasy IX, gender bend Rule 63 female Joker, and raver Batman, as well as several other rave outfit creations.

4. What sites have you worked with?
Right now I have not modeled for a specific site (or if I did, I am strangely unaware!), but I've worked with many photographers and videographers such as Joseph Chi Lin, Acksonl, MLZStudios, and Sam Lau.

5. Who is your favorite character to cosplay?
My female Joker is my favorite thus far because of the eccentric makeup and vivid colors involved. It really feels like I'm a demented entertainer or a seductive villain!

6. Do you read comics? If so, what are your favorites?
I've read a few comics, including Ender's Game, several Batman arcs, I'd say Magneto's Ultimatum was one of my favorites because of how twisted the plot was.

7. Are you a gamer, if so what is your favorite game
and on what system?

Yes I am a gamer! Some titles include the Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts, League of Legends, Pokemon, and most recently Diablo III!

8. What are your future plans in terms of cosplay?

Right now I'm heavily enthralled with the idea of cosplaying Loki, may it be the comic book female version or my own Rule 63 rendition from his movie appearance. I can't help it, I want to be a Rule 63 master now.

9. Where do you like to show off your costumes the most?

Definitely the convention scene is where I sport my cosplay, otherwise I might scare small children in public places.

10. What would you say is your favorite genre to cosplay?

Wow, I'm not sure on this one! I've done such different cosplays from each other.. I can't say I'm a fan of skirts, though (get outta here with those upskirt shots!). I'd rather go for the orange bodysuit of Garnet or the little shorts of Joker.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Classic Cover of the Day

Classic Cover of the Day
Iron Fist Vol.1, #14

Enter Sabertooth

The Wookie will win!

Wonderful artwork by Cal Slayton

Ms. Marvel Vs Wonder Woman

Pencils and ink by genius Mike Deodato jr
Colors by VegasDay

Classic Jazz by danbrenus

Harley Quinn - Arkham City

Harley Quinn (Arkham City) by Dan Don Fuga

The Evil Horde by Carnage-Khan

The Evil Horde by Carnage-Khan

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Classic Cover of the Day

Classic Cover of the Day
Marvel Chillers #6 starring Tigra

Ms. Marvel by J3010

Brilliant artwork can be found on deviantart!   Here is a sample piece from an artist known as J3010.

Cosplay of the Day

I was going through my tumblr and came across this pic of two great Mortal Kombat cosplayers.
I do not know their names but if any of my readers do, please give me a reply so I can give them proper credit.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Classic Cover of the Day

Sorry this post is late guys.  When I got home from work, I lost power for a few hours.
Better late than never, LoL

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 #190

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cover of the Day

Cover of the Day
Red Lanterns #10
Not necessarily a classic…yet!

Red Lanterns #10

I was reading issue #10 of DC Comics Red Lanterns, when I caught myself laughing at simple humor.  The story in issue #10 is simple, Atrocitus attacks Stormwatch thinking they have something he wants.  I am not giving too much detail on purpose.  I do not want to spoil the book for anyone.  Anyway, there comes a time in the book when Midnighter comes across Dex Starr and well, this happens.

Truly a panel that will be talked about for ages. XD

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Classic Cover of the Day

While I was scanning the Hulk/Iron Man panel, I decided to scan the cover as well since it is a classic.

Iron Man Vol.1 #131th