Friday, July 11, 2014

The Story So Far: Original Sin (1-4)

In Marvel Comics Original Sin event, someone has killed the Watcher, but who?  Some of Marvel's greatest heroes team up to find out the question to that answer.  Let me tell you, some of the teams would be very unlikely in different circumstances.  

The story begins with the Watcher being killed.  Thor is the first on the scene and calls for back-up.  That back-up consists of Captain America, Nick Fury, Wolverine, Iron Man, and the Black Widow.  When they get to the scene, they got more than they bargained for.  Not only was the Watcher killed, but someone took his eyes.  Why would someone do such a thing?  The team returns to Earth to split up into teams to find out exactly what was going on.  Unknown to the Avengers, that other teams were being formed as well.  These teams consisted of heroes such as Moon Knight, the Punisher, Gamora, the Winter Soldier, and Dr. Strange to name a few.

On Earth, one of the suspects ( a Mindless One) is ranting about what he did and destroying the city.  The Thing and Spider-Man are there to stop him, but the Mindless One kills himself before they can stop it.  What would make a Mindless One become smart and then feel remorse?  Well, this added to the mystery that is who killed the Watcher.  Before long, one of the "killers" makes his presence known when he reveals the Watcher's Eye.  The villain in control of this object is none other than the Orb.  Before our heroes can stop him, he unleashes the power of the eye, which allows everyone to see their Original Sin. 

Well, of course everyone seeing their Original Sin has an effect on everyone.  Hell, Thor finds out he has a sister and leaves the battle field.  Elsewhere, the secret team of Moon Knight, Gamora, and the Winter Soldier come across a huge clue that might resolve everything that has happened.  Unfortunately, the Winter Soldier has plans of his own and destroys the ship leaving Gamora and Moon Knight stranded in space.  We then find "Bucky" on the trail of who he believes is behind this only to find Fury.  It is then that shocked me at first.  WHy did the Winter Soldier's meeting with Nick Fury?  Well, Simply put, "Bucky" cuts off Fury's head.  Issue #3 ended with the Winter Soldier holding the Watcher's Eye in one hand and Fury's head in the other.  Talk about a shocking moment.  In issue #4, the teams start to put things together and all the clues, no matter what team you were on, lead to one place, an abandoned satellite.  Once the teams are there, they run into the Winter Soldier and of course no one trusts him.  I mean he has the Watcher's eye and Fury's head for crying out loud.  Out of nowhere, Gamora attacks "Bucky" and a great fight occurs.  A fight that will end in confusion.

The fight goes on and on until "Bucky" gets tired of fighting.  He tries to tell Gamora that he left them stranded to protect her as well as Moon Knight.  Something she doesn't believe until he uses Fury's head as a shield and it sparks rather than bleeds when she slices it in half.  It turns out the Fury, that "Bucky" had killed was only a LMD, Life Model Decoy.  This made sense as to why they allowed such a great character die so confusingly but what did this mean?  Well, as the team as well as you the reader find out, Nick Fury is very much alive and he is the one who put the teams together.

I understand that when I am writing this, issues #5 and 6 are already on the newsstands and in your comic book stores, but I wanted to write a review midway and issue #4 is that midpoint.  I am really enjoying the Original Sin story line and if you haven't gotten into it yet, you should.  It is well worth reading.  Hell, I know I am going to get the trade when it comes out just to get the other story arcs that I may not see if I do not get some of the tie-in issues.  Overall, I give Original Sin a rating of 8 out of 10.  So, what are you waiting for? Go get your issues today and enjoy the ride. Get your READ on!

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