Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Showcase: Shatterstar

    Today's Showcase is about one of my favorite "mutants" of all time.  Mojoworld knows him as Gaveedra-Seven but you know him as Shatterstar.  Shatterstar was a created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza for the New Mutants/X-force titles.  He is an expert swordsman who is willing to do what it takes to make sure his team wins. (above panel, 'nuff said)

    Shatterstar first appeared in New Mutants #99 in March of '91.  He quickly became a member of the team of X-Force and began taking names and kicking ass from the very get go.  Even though he is originally from Mojoworld, he fit in on Earth very well.  

    After a few years as a member of X-Force, he became a solo sensation in his own mini-series before joining the ranks of X-Factor.  It is during his time with X-Factor tat he learns he is related to another one of my faves, Longshot.  He then leaves X-Factor to start out on his own helping his friends from time to time.

    Shatterstar is and always will be one of my favorites.  He has changed looks through the years but I am a fan of his original look.  I know he has been the focus of major story lines as well as being ranked #29 on Comics Alliance list of Top 50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics, but I feel Marvel could have done so much more with the character.  Hell, I would love to see a Deadpool and Shatterstar team-up in the near future.  Of course they would have to fight each other first, lol.

   So do yourself a favor, and checkout  any titles at your local comic book store that have Shatterstar in them, you will be glad you did.  

Until next time, get your READ on!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Comic Cover of the Week

It's New comic Book Day and there has been a lot of cool stuff released today.

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Comic Cover of the Week

Batman/Shadow #6 (of 6)

DC Comics/Dynamite

Cover Art by Riley Rossmo

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Classic Cover of the Day

Classic Cover of the Day

Showcase Saturday Edition

Blue Beetle #5 (Oct. '86)

DC Comics

Written by Len Wein

Saturday Showcase: Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

    Today's Saturday Showcase revolves around one of my favorite members of the JLA/JLI there ever was.  His name is Ted Kord but you may know him as the Blue Beetle.  He has and will be one of my favorites.

    Here is some background info for you. Ted Kord is the second Blue Beetle, a superhero who was originally published by Charlton Comics and later picked up by DC Comics.This version of the character was created by Steve Ditko and first appeared as a back-up feature in Captain Atom #83 (November 1966), with Gary Friedrich scripting from Ditko's conception and plot.

    DC Comics acquired the Charlton heroes in the mid-1980s and used the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event to integrate them all into the DC Universe. During this period, Blue Beetle had his own series, written by Len Wein, which ran for 24 issues from June 1986 to May 1988. Also published during this time was Secret Origins #2 (cover illustrated by Gil Kane), which explained the origins and careers of the Ted Kord and Dan Garrett Blue Beetles in the post-Crisis continuity. They would also follow up on the hinted android in stasis from the Charlton series, which would eventually become "Carapax, the Indestructible Man".

    Ted Kord was sometimes shown as an industrialist, the owner of KORD Industries; more often he was short on money, leading to his entering "get-rich-quick" schemes with Booster Gold. A brief appearance in JLA: Year One showed the young Ted working in Kord Industries R&D, where he designed the JLA HQ security system. Upon meeting the heroes, he thought, "Screw the family business. I want to be one of those guys," possibly explaining the company's fluctuating status since he took over. In recent comics, it has been implied that KORD Industries has become a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, headed by Bruce Wayne (also known as Batman).

    Sure, Ted Kord's Blue Beetle has had some success on the small screen in episodes of the Brave and the Bold cartoon series, but his character should be a mainstay on Arrow or Legends of Tomorrow to show real appreciation.  We all know he has a best friend in Booster that Time Travels so there is your intro to Legends, lol.

   For some to say this version of Blue Beetle is not important is someone who doesn't know comics.  I mean, they brought Ted back from the Dead in the Green Lantern Blackest Night saga.  During the New 52 Justice League 3000 series we found Booster and Blue in action and now thanks to the DC Rebirth movement, he is now a mentor to the 3rd Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes.

    Ted Kord has lead an interesting life in the world of comics, but I feel it is time we see more.  What about you?

Marvel's the Punisher Official HD Trailer

Can't Wait!

The Sandman trailer

Looks Good!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Derf's Picks of the Week (Sept 20)

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Until then, enjoy this week's Cover of the Week.

Superman #31 (2017)

DC Comics

Cover by Ryan Sook

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Classic Cover of the Day

In sticking with today's Saturday Showcase, 
I figured today's cover should feature Lobo.

Classic Cover of the Day

Lobo #27

DC Comics

Saturday Showcase: Lobo

    Today's showcase is about the one and only, Lobo.  Lobo is a popular character in the DC Universe that I feel has not had his big shot in the media as of yet. Sure, he is a playable character in Injustice as well as appeared in many of the DC animated adventures,  but his character itself has been abused in my opinion. Maybe, he was looked over due to the fact that he is so violent and made for Mature Readers, but that seems to work for the Punisher.  So why hasn't Lobo stayed in the media's mind since he was created?  To understand that, we need to know his beginnings. 

    Lobo is a character created by Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen, whose first appearance was in Omega Men #3 (June '83).  Lobo is known as the last Czarnian and works as an interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter.  He is best known for his clashes with another "loner", Superman.

    Even though Lobo was based off of Marvel anti-heroes like the Punisher, his character never really stuck in the fan base.  Sure, he had a following, but not at the rate of the Punisher, Wolverine, or even Cable.  So, DC would shelve him from time to time only to use when really necessary or vital to help out other DC titles.

    During the New 52 era at DC, Lobo got a new look.  What was wrong with the new look?  He was turned into a pretty boy.  This was a major no-no to loyal Lobo fans.  Lobo fans are his fans due to the violence,cigar smoking, or even the fool language.  So,when the pretty boy look didn't work he was shelved once again.  That is until the new Justice League of America formed. You see, they needed muscle and Batman knew just the alien bad ass to join.  You got it, Lobo. Not just any Lobo, but the cigar smoking, ass kicking Lobo.  

    I, myself, am curious to see how long Lobo has left in the JLA or in this current timeline in DC.  Who knows, maybe he will be shelved again.  I do feel that DC Comics have a gold mine if they put it to good use.  Take the Marvel approach, make a TV series or even  a live-action film, hell I would settle for an animated movie.  All I know is, the world needs more Lobo.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Classic Cover of the Day ~ Len Wein Edition

Classic Cover of the Day

Justice League of America Vol.1, #100

DC Comics

Story by Len Wein

R.I.P. Len Wein

One of my favorite comic writers/creators has passed.  Len Wein was the mastermind behind characters such as Swamp Thing and Wolverine.  More importantly, he did some pf the best writing that Marvel and DC has ever seen.  I will do a more detailed post in the future, but for now I will share an ad from on of his great comic story runs from DC Comics...the Blue Beetle.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Classic Cover of the Day

In honor of my Saturday Showcase to Mister Miracle, today's classic cover is

Mister Miracle Vol. 1, #2

DC Comics

May 1971

Saturday Showcase: Mister Miracle

    It's Saturday, September 9th and it is time for another Saturday Showcase here at Derf's Domain.  For today's showcase I was actually inspired by a new series showcasing a classic hero.  I was reading issue #1 of Mitch Gerads version of Mister Miracle when the idea hit me to feature him in my next showcase.  So, here we are.

    For those of you who don't know, Mister Miracle was created by the late and great Jack Kirby as one of the new gods in the DC Universe.  He first appeared in Mister Miracle #1 back in April of '71.    He was originally introduced as part of the Fourth World series, such as the New Gods, but actually outlived the other titles by an addition seven titles.  something about Mister Miracle stuck out with the fan base, which allowed him to be in other titles such as the Brave and the Bold, DC Comics Presents, and appearances in all the Justice League titles until landing a reoccurring role in the Justice League International series.

    It was in the JLI, that I believe my love for Mister Miracle grew. I was not even a thought in my dad's mind when he was first introduced to the world of comics.  But I was a huge Batman fan which led me to discover the Justice League International which in turn introduced me to my favorites such as Mister Miracle, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, and Guy Gardner.

    I know, I know, exactly who is Mister Miracle?  Well, the original Mister Miracle was a man by the name of Thaddeus Brown.  A well-known escape artist who was also a mentor to the talented Scott Free.  When Thaddeus, was murdered, Scott toke over as the hero known as Mister Miracle.  After his adventures with the JLI, Scott put the mantle of Mister miracle down to be with family and friends.  He also took in an escape artist named Shilo Norman to show him the tricks of the trade.  Which led to Shilo being the 3rd man to go by the name Mister Miracle.  However, Scott Free will always be Mister Miracle to me as well as true fans of the character.  In fact, in the new run of Mister Miracle by Mitch Gerads and Tom King, Scott is the bearer of the Mister Miracle costume and is trying to find his place alongside his wife, Big Barda.

    I highly recommend reading the new Mister Miracle series, in fact I give issue #1 of the series a 10 out of 10 rating.  But to truly understand and enjoy the character of Mister Miracle, I recommend going to your local comic store, comic con, hell even Ebay to pick up some of the older titles that star this amazing hero. I definitely, would pick up some of the Justice League International trades that are available.

First Appearance: Mister Miracle #1, April 1971

Created by: Jack Kirby 

Team Affiliations: Justice League

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Classic Cover of the Day

Classic Cover of the Day

New Mutants Vol. 1 #14


Saturday Showcase: Magik

I am starting something new on my blog to showcase my favorite characters from the world of comics.  As many of you know, I am a huge comic NERD and I feel that some characters do not get there "due".  I mean, in the world of film and TV, there are some really good characters that don't get their big break.  So, I created a post I will call Saturday Showcase.  Every Saturday, I will showcase a new character from the world of comics.

Today's showcase spotlights one of my favorite mutants.  Her birth name is Illyana Rasputin but you may know her as Magik.  As many of you know, she is the sister to the X-man known as Colossus.  What you may not know is that she originally died from the mutant killing Legacy Virus.  As we know now, is that although her physical form died, the part of her that was tied to Hell lived on and became a very powerful "witch".  

In later years, Marvel brought her back from the dead (as they usually do with fan favorites) for some much needed awakenings in their comics.

Magik will always be one of my favorite "Background Players" in the world of comics and she is a kick as character in the Contest of Champions App.

First Appearance:
(As Illyana) Giant Size X-men #1 (1975)
(As Magik) New Mutants #14 (1984)

Cosplay of the Day

Cosplay of the Day

Giu Hellsing as Magik

Check out her prints over at