Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Message from Noel Cypress

ComicsBack in October of 2010, I interviewed a very talented cosplay model from the Cosplay Deviants site about her work. (  Well, she has left that site since then and opened her own.  I present to you a message from Noel Cypress.

"Well, Now that I left cosdev I have my own site where I get to do whatever I want. I can do vague costumes (I just released a demon succubus set last friday) and just do normal pin up..... I even do shoots that tell stories, like one I did during a con to show my con-frisky side. It's just my own domain of me being me. I love getting suggestions, which people can make on my forum at  ... anyone can have an account :)"

Thanks Noel,  So if you would like to see more, just click her photo in my links section and enjoy the show.

*Warning, Noel's Naughty Nook contains material not meant for children and is NSFW.  That is all.  You have been warned. *



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