Saturday, August 27, 2011

Croc Master by mbirkhofer

Croc Master from Deviantart

I saw this on Deviantart and had to share with my fellow geeks.

Bruce Timm sketches Ms. Marvel

Bruce Timm's Ms Marvel

the Punisher Vs Anti-Venom

Another trade I read recently was Anti-Venom.  I will do a review on it in the future, but I wanted to share this kick ass art panel from the story.

Punisher vs Anti-Venom

X-men/Spider-Man TPB

XmenSpidermanTPBI finally got around to reading the X-men/Spider-man TPB that was released earlier this year.  I knew when I saw issue one, that it would be a good story but I had to force myself to wait until the trade came out.  Well, I read it and I was totally blown away!  The writing was flawless and explained any details you may need to know during the missing timeline.  I know, missing timeline?  For those of you who do not know, this trade deals with a certain villain that always lead to Spider-Man and the X-men meeting at various times in their life.
What at first seemed to be a chance meeting brought forward by Kraven the Hunter led to a more Sinister plan.  I do not want to give away too many details because this was one damn good story.  No matter which X-men team was your favorite, they are in here as well as your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man.
This book deserves your time and attention.  Trust me, it is well worth it!  Kudos Marvel!
I give this book 10 out of 10 stars.  I know you will to.

10 questions with Tracy

Killer Frost 3Fellow Geeks and Geekettes, I have a wonderful surprise for you!  An interview with a very talented and well known cosplayer.  I first saw this beautiful cosplayer on the Firestorm Fan blog (in my list on the right) as she was cosplaying Killer Frost, the evil nemesis to Firestorm.  So, I decided to ask her for an interview and she said yes.  So, without further ado, here is my interview with the always beautiful as well as talented Tracy aka Kiwi5Frog Cosplay.

1. Who are you and where are you from?

My name is Tracy and I'm from San Diego, CA.

2. How did you discover cosplay?

In 2005, I had a boyfriend who took me to San Diego Comic Con and introduced me to cosplay. I knew how to hand stitch and helped him put together some costumes. After seeing how much fun it was to cosplay, I decided I would join in the next year. I have been cosplaying ever since. I used to do just 1 costume per year, but now I'm up to pushing 10 costumes per year. It's become an obsession and I love it.

Psylocke3. Who have you cosplayed in the past?

From DC Comics, I have cosplayed Killer Frost, Circe, Silver Banshee, Raven, and Enchantress. From XMen I have cosplayed Psylocke, Rogue, and Lady Deathstrike. From Anime, I have cosplayed Lust (Full Metal Alchemist), Sadi-Chan (One Piece), Ms. Doublefinger (One Piece), Tayuya curse form (Naruto), and Guren (Naruto Shippuden). I've also cosplayed Lady (Devil May Cry 4 video game) and Ty Lee (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Lady from DMC
4. Do you read comics? If so, which titles?

Yes. I'm a huge fan of pretty much anything and everything DC related (too many to name). On the Marvel side I'm a fan of X-Men.

5. Where can my readers see more examples of your work?

6. Where do you like to show of your costumes the most?

My facebook fanpage is the most updated account. I try to put up new photos from conventions as soon as I get them. =)

Lust from FMA7. Do you do other modeling besides cosplay?

I've done very little modeling and it has been mostly with friends. After a few years cosplaying, I noticed that I had no nice photos of me in normal clothes, which was somewhat amusing. I'd like to do more modeling as time goes on, but mostly for fun.

8. What are your plans for the future?

I'm currently enrolled in a doctorate program in Optometry. I'll be puffing air into your eyeballs and taking care of your visual health in the future.

9. What are some of your other hobbies?

Cosplay is actually a combination of several different hobbies. While sewing and painting are my primary cosplay hobbies, I am slowly stepping into the world of power tools and new materials for prop construction. Other than that, school and general socializing eats up most of my time.

10. If you had to pick one cosplay, which one is your favorite?

My favorite cosplay is Killer Frost. This was my very first cosplay in 2006. It was awful and nothing went right! In 2011, I decided to redo the costume with 5 years of cosplaying experience under my belt. It was my first time attempting full body make up, better facial makeup, wigs, and overall styling for this type of costume. The results were much better than 5 years ago and the transformation made it difficult for some of my best friends to recognize me. It was a fantastic experience and I absolutely loved the results. Killer Frost hold special place for me when it comes to cosplay. I can't wait to wear it again in 2012!

Killer Frost
See my other cosplays here !

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Alice Malice set

Alice was kind enough to share some preview images from her set called Thief
that is live now on her site  
Please take time to enjoy the Black Cat goodness and visit her site today.






Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autobot Blaster by Alex Milne

Got some cool tunes?
Blaster by Alex Milne

Cosplay of the Day

sif vs loki

Costume of Loki I(Female version) made and worn by Riddle

Costume of Sif made and worn by Yaya

Photo by Brian Boling

Models: Yaya and Riddle

Tallest Silver as the Scarlet Witch

Another one of my digital touch-ups I did in the past.  I decided to share this one since it is Silver's birthday.


Model: Tallest Silver
Photo: Mad Calamity Photos
Digital Touch-Up: Me

Happy Birthday Tallest Silver!

Happy Birthday to the beautiful and multi-talented Tallest Silver!

Power Girl

Red Tornado

A classic Red Tornado Ad from DC Comics

Red Tornado

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Satudays are meant for cartoons ~ Conan Edition

In celebration of the release of the Conan feature film, today's post is the first episode of the classic Conan cartoon.

Ghost Rider Trailer

February 2012 looks like a great month to go see a movie.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Amazing Sale at Books'A'Million

I went to my local Books'A'Million today to pick up some reading from the trades aisle and lo and behold they had a an amazing sale.  I mean, they had DC, IDW, Dark Horse, and Marvel trades as low as $4.97 a piece. Some of the thicker hardcovers were only $9.99.  I do not know if this is a nation wide sale or just my store trying to burn inventory, but I took advantage of the sale none the less.  I got trades I have been waiting on as well as trades that caught my eye.  I mean, I got a hardcover Captain America trade for $4.97, who could pass that up?  Not this guy.  So, go by your local B'A'M and see if they are running a sale as well.  I mean, look what I got for less than $40 after tax.  Amazing isn't it?

BAM sale

Until next time, Get your Geek on!

Fun with Toys

Just a little collage I made after I bought the awesome Flamethrower Clone Trooper.

Power of the flame

Who you gonna call?


Happy Birthday Taffeta Darling!

Happy Birthday to the talented and always sexy, Taffeta Darling!


Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 was a summer of video game fun

This summer, especially in July, I discovered some great games in anticipation of the Captain America film.  The Captain America film was GREAT by the way! :)

iphone game

Anyway, the first game I discovered was an iPhone game called Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. I know some people may trash the game, but I rather enjoy the shield throwing. I highly recommend this game for any fan of Cap or any iPhone user. But enough talk, I will let the pictures say it all.

Cap leap

PsPThe second game I discovered is actually an old game.  The game is Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.  I used to play this game when it first came out for XBOX.  (the original not the 360) Anyway, I was unaware that their was a PSP version and that the PSP version had different playable characters.  When I found out you could play as Captain America and DR. Doom, that is all it took for me to look on ebay until I found a very good version.  Well, I am in love with the game.  I have been playing whenever I get down time. 

Doom vs Thing

I suggest you check both of these games out and decide for yourself.  Until next time, Get your Geek on!

Captain America #2 (2011 series)

I absolutely loves this cover art for Captain America #2 by Steve McNiven.  This is bad-ass!

Steve McNiven

Gotham City Sirens by Alex Garner

Gotham City Sirens by Alex Garner

Cosplay of the Day

A playful Abby Dark-Star as the always sexy Catwoman.


Thundercats Tribute ~ Mumm-Ra Sketch

How many of you have seen the new Thundercats cartoon on the Cartoon Network?  It is really good!  Anyway, with all the Thundercats love in the air, I thought that I too would share in the fun. So, I present to you my sketch of Mumm-Ra.


Batman: the Last Angel

Meow!  LoL


Shadow War

Hawkman Shadow War


Hey Guys and Gals,

I just wanted to apologize for not posting new things daily like usual.  My career is in busy mode at the time so I rarely have time.  Good news is that will mean the weekend posts will be better, lol.

Get your Geek on!

Monday, August 1, 2011

What if the Punisher was War Machine?

I found an old sketch I did in 2005. 
The focus of the sketch was what if the Punisher was the man to become the War Machine. 
Who knows...What if?

2005 what if sketch

the Mighty Thor: Thunderstrike

TPB CoverI was a my local bookstore yesterday and I saw a new TPB that I had to have.  The trade was from the mighty Thor vault and was titled Thunderstrike.  For those of you who are new to the stories of Thor, there was a time when a man named Eric Masterson was bound to Mjolnir and became Thor.  This trade contains Thor issues #431-433, #457-459, and material from #408 as well as Thunderstrike #1.

This is a must read for any Thor or Thunderstrike fan.  Appearances from Hercules, Odin, Loki, Mephisto, Ulik, Bloodaxe, etc... make this an action-packed read.  I started reading as soon as I got home and did not put it down until I was finished.   

I never really knew the background to Thunderstrike because he came out at a time in my life when I took a pause from comics.  I am so glad I got this trade because his story is explained in full depth.    So, go to your local bookstore and get your copy today.  You will be glad you did.

I give this trade a 9 out of 10 stars and would recommend it to everyone.

Here is an epic battle scene from the trade.  This is Thunderstrike taking down Bloodaxe.


Punisher Gameboy Ad

I was reading an old Thor comic and came across this ad. 
I never had a gameboy but I wanted one just for this game. 
Ahh, memories, LoL XD.

Punisher Gameboy