Monday, May 28, 2012


As I stated in an earlier post, I was going to have some LEGO fun on this MARVELous Monday.

Below are some snapshots for all to enjoy.  If you are a Deadpool or LEGO fan, I suggest you get this set.

Magneto and Logan

Do you hear something?

Do you hear something?

The Return of Moon Knight on Mondays

What a way to kick off the return of Moon Knight on MARVELous Monday than to share a great piece of art I found while on 

The piece comes from an artist in Germany named Carsten Biernat. 

Avengers Alliance

Started my Memorial MARVELous Monday with a good breakfast and a couple of rounds of Avengers Alliance on FB.

MARVELous Monday

What am I doing on this MARVELous Monday you ask?  Having me some LEGO fun!

Pictures to follow

Happy Memorial Day!

Let us not forget the price for freedom!

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Breakfast Avengers!

I saw this on deviantart and I had to share.  This is too funny!  Great Job Adam!

Breakfast Avengers by Adam Hunter Peck

Tony the Tiger Stark
Cap’n America
Thor, God of Honey

Friday, May 25, 2012

DC Comics ad from '85

I was looking through some of my old comics and I came across this ad from '85.
The ad is promoting DC Comics latest adventures in the RPG world.
Since my boy Firestorm was in it, I decided to post it today.
Ad 86

Firestorm Friday

Do you know what day it is?  It's time to flame on!  er, whatta minute wrong universe, lol. 
It's time to celebrate Firestorm Friday!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Yo Joe! er I mean, Avengers Assemble!

To continue to stick with the MARVELous Monday theme, I am posting a piece of art from my boy Tim over at Ninjaink. 

The feature today is a G.I. Joe style Avengers promo. 


GI Avengers by ninjaink

Auction to benefit Comic Art Community

Dear Geeks and Geekettes,

I am asking for your help.  As my faithful readers know I get a lot of my art mostly on two sites.  One site is devianart but the other is Comic Art Community.  Well, CAC is holding an auction to help with their server upgrade.  What you are bidding one is an original piece of art featuring Pepper Potts from the Iron Man/Marvel Comics franchise.  Just click the link below and bid away.
CAC Potts
Original message from Comic Art Community:

Corey Knaebel has donated this nice piece of art to the Gallery to sell and raise money for our server upgrade!
Please bid and share this fundraiser auction with your friends!
Here is the link:

MARVELous Monday

For today's post on MARVELous Monday, I decided to take some concept art from the Marvel vs Capcom 3 video game.

Today's feature is Captain America from the Avengers.
Captain America

Artwork done by Shinkiro

MARVELous Monday cosplay of the day

Today I am honored to bring you the latest set from the lovely Alice Malice.
It is titled Marvelous, I just love that name, and it stars Alice as Ms. Marvel.


Muscle rear

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Titan Tuesday

This weeks spotlight is on Starfire.
Starfire by Hughes
Starfire by Adam Hughes

Starfire bio
Starfire bio pic by Michael Turner

Monday, May 14, 2012

MARVELous Monday spotlight on Hawkeye

Another spotlight from the May/June 2012 Marvel Super Heroes Magazine.
This spotlight focuses on Hawkeye.

MARVELous Monday character spotlight: the Black Widow

As I explained in a a recent post, there is this new magazine out called Marvel Super Heroes Magazine and they have Clip and Collect bio pages of favorite heroes. 
The May/June 2012 ediion featured Black Widow and Hawkeye.  So, I decided to share.  Enjoy!  :)

Black Widow

MARVELous Monday magazine review

May/June 2012 #1The other day I picked up a copy of the Marvel Super Heroes Magazine issue #1 (May/June 2012) edition.  I know the magazine is directed to get a kid's attention but I really loved this magazine.  It has a cool Thor comic inside as well as Avenger bio sheets that you can "clip and collect" as it says in the magazine.  It has a nice Avengers roster poster inside as well as cool games featuring the Avengers.  I am definitely going to get a subscription of this magazine so I do not miss an issue.  Any Marvel fan should check out this magazine.

I give it a strong 9 out of 10.

Make sure to get your copy today!

MARVELous cosplay of the day

Today is MARVELous Monday so I decided to have the cosplay of the day stick to that theme.
Today we have Rimundo Blanche as Lady Loki.
Lady Loki
You can see the original as well as her other cosplays here:

MARVELous Monday ~ Avengers edition

For today's MARVELous Moday post, I decided to post some gifs I've downloaded over the years.  Today's theme is Avengers, past and present.


Wonder Man






Saturday, May 12, 2012

Avengers sequel suggestion

*Attention Marvel*

Dear Marvel,

Some of my friends and I were talking about the awesome Avengers movie and we were discussing our disappointment in the death of Agent Coulson. During this conversation, I came up with a way you can save Coulson and add a new Avenger at the same time. Use his brain as the brain for Vision. I mean, this could be done and written in the story in a cool way. Even if Dr. Pym is not involved, you can have Stark invent this Vision. Since we know the movies don't exactly follow the books to a T. Anyway, just some thoughts for you to digest while your writing the sequel.

Derf, a loyal fan


I was looking at some of the new art submissions on deviantart and I came across this beauty starring the one and only Skeletor. 
When I saw it, I knew I had to share it.

Skeletor Variant

The piece is done by an artist named Dave Wilkins. 
Check out his other work at

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cosplay of the Day

Psylocke Cosplay

Photographer: Don Le (
Talents: Megan Nguyen
Makeup / Hair: Tina Ong (Paul Mitchell Alhambra)
Jewelry: Jackie Jones (

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Thorsday!

Searching the interwebs I found an awesome piece of fan art from the Avengers film. 
 And since today is Thorsday, I decided to post it. 
 I would like to thank the artist known as rhinoting for doing such a great job on this piece.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Titan Tuesday starring Raven

Yesterday was MARVELous Monday.  I started to think, what could I do for my DC fans on Tuesdays.  SO I came up with Titan Tuesday.  I hope to have a new Titan post every Tuesday spotlighting one of the Titans.  today I am turning the spotlight on Raven.  Enjoy!

Raven bio
Raven 2009

Cosplay of the Day

Dr theMrs Monarch

"5 packs a day"
Dr Mrs the Monarch '09
Photo by Anna Fischer
Taken @ Katsucon

Check out more of her  work on

Monday, May 7, 2012

MARVELous Cosplay of the Day

Black Widow

Black Widow ( yamashita version)
pic by Daniele Faccioli

MARVELous Monday

Today starts a new chapter in my posts for you, my followers, fans, and all around cool guys and gals. 
I am starting a new segment called MARVELous Monday. 
What does this mean? 
Well, I will choose material that I think is awesome that also has something to do with the Marvel universe. 
I hope you enjoy my new brainstorm.  Have a MARVELous Monday!

I want to kick things off with the awesome cover of Avenging Spider-man #5.
Avenging Spider-man

Artwork done by Leinil Francis Yu