Sunday, November 18, 2012

Classic Cover of the Day

X-Factor, Vol. 1 #14
I always did love this cover!

Mini-Review starring Uncanny Avengers #1

Greetings my fellow comic fans,

     I am starting my mini-review posts with the title, Uncanny Avengers #1.  The only reason I am doing a mini-post for this book is simple, I received my issue two weeks after it was released so everyone and anyone already reviewed it to death since it was one of Marvel's most hyped releases in October.
Now let's get to the actual review.

     Uncanny Avengers #1 is a solid start to a new title from Marvel.  This title f course takes place after the Avengers Vs X-men series.  Teams are views are starting to change in the Marvel Universe.  The book follows several people in the aftermath of Cyclop's betrayal,n story involves Captain America trying to convince Havok to join the Avengers. After their conversation, they come across Avalanche destroying the city.  Cap asks Havok for help, which provided a kick ass panel (see above pic), and he does without hesitation.

     After this battle sequence, we find the Scarlet Witch paying her respects at Professor X's memorial and Rogue doesn't like it one bit.  They get in an argument but are rudely interrupted by a bunch of the Red Skull's mutant henchman.  As one goes for the kill on Rogue, Wanda gets in they way and seems to have perished to their new foes.
Exactly what will happen next?  Well, we will have to wait for issue #2 to find out.  Be sure to check for my review of issue #2 when it is the shelves.  I give this title a perfect 10 out of 10 rating.

Until next time, keep reading!

Of course you know I had to get the Deadpool variant cover, LoL.

Cosplay of the Day

Marie Grey as Gambit
Photography by SF Design — at Anime USA.

New Orleans Comic Con Exclusive - Bat De Lis

Bat De Lis New Orleans Comic Con Exclusive Lithograph by Johnny Segura III

Mesage from Derf

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to update you on some things.  I know I haven't been posting as much on this page as I would like to, but I have been busy the past month or two.  As you know, I now keep my cosplay reviews strictly just for  I enjoy being a member of that team and you should check those interviews out.  I post a new interview every Monday.  I also do comic reviews for the site.  However, I am going to start doing mini reviews for this blog.  I call them mini reviews because they will not be as detailed.  Maybe its a book I didn't get to review before they sold out or possibly a book I didn't really have a lot to say.

Another reason I have been away is my health.  I suffered a spinal injury that put me in a wheel chair.  With weeks of physical therapy, which was prescribed by my neurosurgeon, I have made a lot of progress.  I am no longer in a wheel chair and I am able to walk around with a cane.  SO, I hope this means you will be seeing more posts on my blog in the near future.

Thanks for your all that you do.