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Picks of the Week 5/24/17

Comic Cover of the Week

Suicide Squad #18

Cover Artist Tony S. Daniel

DC Comics

All will kneel before ZOD!

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Picks of the Week 5/17/2017

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Cover of the Week

DC Bombshells #27

Cover Art by Ant Lucia

May 17, 2017

DC Comics

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Picks of the Week (5/10/17)

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"Kneel Before Zod"

Comic Cover of the Week

Suicide Squad #17 (2017)

DC Comics

Cover Art by Tony S. Daniel

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TNA Lockdown 2009: Sting Vs. Mick Foley

TNA Lockdown 2005: Jeff Hardy Vs Raven

Since I am also a Wrestling NERD, I am going to start sharing some classic matches in the history of wrestling.  Here is a great match between Raven and the one and only Jeff Hardy from TNA Lockdown 2005.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wanna Wrestle? My thoughts about the WWE pay-per-view PAYBACK (4/30/17)

Greetings to all my wrestling NERDs reading this post right now.  I decided to take the time to write about my thoughts of the WWE RAW ppv Payback. This will be a short and sweet review but there are spoilers, so if you haven't seen it yet, go to the network and watch it,  Until then, stop reading this post.

Okay, I have to admit that this pay-per-view was pretty solid.  The only match that didn't deliver for me was the House of Horrors match.  I am a huge Bray Wyatt fan and was really left disappointed about the whole thing.  It was not what I was expecting.  It should have been some kind of cage match so we wouldn't have to watch limo rides or have people interfere to allow Bray to win.

That was really the only match that disappointed.  I was happy to see Miss Bliss get the Raw's Women's title.  Although I am a Samoa Joe fan, I was happy to see Seth win.  I loved the Austin Ares and Neville match but I would have let the ending go down a different way.

Now, let me take the time to talk about the two matches I felt made the Payback ppv a success.  First up, the US Title bout between Y2J and KO.  It was a great solid match and I was happy to see the work both of the men put into their match.  In the end, I was excited to see Owens tap out to the walls of Jericho.

My second favorite match of the night was the Hardy Boyz Vs the team of Sheamus and Cesaro.  It was a brutal and exciting match.  Hell, Jeff lost a tooth thanks to the Celtic Warrior.  The two teams complimented each other very well which made for a great match.  When all was said and done, the Hardyz were victorious but Sheasaro would have the final say.

Now, I do have an issue with the Roman vs Braun match.  What was the point?  I mean they each should be moving forward instead of rehashing old wars.  Now they are both injured and we do not know of when they will return.  If I was a writer for the WWE, I would have moved on with those two alread and come up with something else than the way it ended.  Which if you saw the RAW after Payback, you know it's not over when it should be.  I mean, there is too much talent in the WWE to have the same two men wrestle each other for months.

Well, that's my take on Payback.  I give the ppv a rating of 8 out of 10. It was a solid ppv, it just could have used a few tweeks.  

Until next time, unleash your inner NERD!

Comic Cover of the Week (5/3/17)

Star Wars: Rogue One Adaption #2


Cover Art by Phil Noto

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April Unboxing of Prowrestling Crate - ANIMALS

Photos from this month's box

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The Return of Uncanny Knack

For my followers this may be nothing more than a follow-up interview,but for my new readers this may be the introduction to that amazing artist that you are looking for. I have seen his work used in a lot of posts, unfortunately sometimes he doesn't get the credit he deserves, because someone just shared his work without his name attached. So, I am sure you may be familiar with his work and just not realize it yet. Anyway, let's get started. Ladies and Gentlemen, Nerds and Nerdettes, my interview with Uncanny Knack aka John Gallagher.

1. It has been a while since our last interview, what have you been up to?

Well it's been a busy stretch and truth be told, like driving in the desert, after a certain amount of time the shows blend into one another in a long continuous stream of cool things to create, problems to solve and solutions to provide. I've been steady on The Flash of course, now finishing its third season. I've also been doing double duty on Supergirl as well, so those two keep me honest. I managed to illustrate a few other interesting projects such as Riverdale, Mech X-4, Frequency, King Tut, In the Lost Lands, Figment and Power Rangers, over various terms and capacities. Also, the normal steady run of commissions and NDA material I can't discuss in a public forum.

2. As you already know, I am a huge fan of your artwork. In case some of our readers don’t know, what DC Comics shows do you work on?

Thank you I appreciate that a great deal. It's an honor to serve in the trenches doing the best we can to create meaningful work. I've worked on The Flash the last three seasons, Supergirl this season - the second, and have done concept design and illustration work on Legends of Tomorrow and a few select pieces for Arrow.

3. What other projects are you working on?

As I mentioned earlier, there's a number of interesting prospects circling that I can't discuss in detail, but I am rapidly nearing the end of the season on both Supergirl and The Flash. I rarely plan too far ahead and certainly take nothing for granted in the industry so as events unfold I'll be allowed to discuss further. Let's just say one in particular is bigger than anything I've ever worked on and if it comes together will be the kind of thing where you could knock me over with a feather. 

4. Do you ever take time off of creating artwork or is it just an everyday thing?

Of course. I take physical time off away from media but I'm never really off duty. I'm constantly in a state of play with possibilities and the gears never stop turning. But the fluid interplay of ideas and inspirations is an active engaged mindset not an art lifestyle. I pull it from everywhere, from raging polemics online to watching crows argue. It's simply a matter of downloading, processing and using the filtered input in effective and interesting ways. 

5. Speaking of artwork, where can my readers see more of your work?

I'm an active poster on Instagram (uncannyknack) and Deviantart (uncannyknack) and have both a work-oriented portfolio site (http://uncannyknack.com) and a new e-com site https://www.johngallagherart. com. I also have Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest accounts where I post less frequently and am often shared on comic and film sites. Pretty easy to find me if you Google uncannyknack or john gallagher artist

6. Getting back to the Flash and Supergirl, which character was your favorite to work with? (One for each show)

This will sounds like I'm deferring, but the truth is each one is their own challenge and offers chances to bring flourishes to bear. Villains are always a kick as they tend to offer their own nefarious and particular plumage. But truth be told, being on a superhero show after being a comics fan my entire life is its own reward. Anything after that is pure delicious dessert.

7. Since you work so much in the realm of comic and movie art, do you have a favorite artist that you followed or are currently following in the same field?

Too many to count. Even on my own shows I shoulder up against creators and co-workers who are remarkable and in my film and comics community in Vancouver, I have a multitude of creatives I count as inspiring heroes as well as close friends They'll be the first of course to downplay it but I don't care. I persist in my enthusiasms. Casting my net further the Marvel Studios visual development team are terrifyingly good, Lucasfilm and ILM are world class studs wall to wall, Method, Encore. ZOIC, other vfx service providers, almost every AAA videogame developer is crushing it, comics are overflowing with mad scientists and wild genius....genuinely too many to name for fear of neglecting the others. They together provide the symphony players and background music to my inner life. Extraordinary, beautiful, heartbreakingly gorgeous work with almost monotonous regularity. My steady diet of eye protein of the highest purity never wants for lack of nutrition.  

8. If you could work on any project past, present, or future, what would it be and why?

As a cultural archivist I would have loved to have been a participant in my personal watershed genre moments from the earliest days to up to the moment: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolfman, Planet of the Apes, Star Wars, Alien, Blade Runner, Aliens, Evil Dead, Terminator, Aliens, Predator, Robocop, Tron, Starship Troopers, The Fifth Element, American Werewolf in London, The Thing, Arrival...to be a part of something astonishing and meaningful, with enduring love and passionate fans. Most humans, when pressed, will offer that it's most important for them to belong and part of that belonging is shared spectacles and events and films are that and much more. It provided a connective lasting shared experience for us and to have had a hand in crafting that for people is a remarkable privilege. I've felt that from fans of Bioware games when they share their experiences and it knocks me out every time because we toil in dark vacuums and unleash our brainchildren upon the world with only educated guesses to navigate potential directions it could go. 

9. Are you currently reading comics? If so, what titles are you reading?

Of course. I'm deliberately omnivorous these days and am keeping up with a number of titles: Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, Vision, Bullseye, Moon Knight, Monsters Unleashed, Uber, Providence, Afterlife With Archie, Paper Girls, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Harrow County, Moonshine, Black Hammer, The Sheriff of Babylon, Kill Or Be Killed, Rat Queens, Angel Catbird, Future Quest, Superman: American Alien, Green Valley, Dept H, American Monster, The Goddamned, Seven to Eternity and a bunch of others I've likely overlooked. My vintage collector's jam is Bronze Age Marvel Monsters so I'm always on the look out for 8.5+ quality of occult and supernatural series and the collection is rounding out nicely! 

10. Last question, what comic related film are you looking forward to seeing in 2017?

All of them! I'm especially fond of MCU projects so Spider Man Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok  and GOTG 2 already have my money. I'm keen to check out Justice League, Logan, Wonder Woman, Valerian, Kingsmen: The Golden Circle who all have my attention as well. Great time to be alive as a comic culture fan! 

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Picks of the Week

My comic picks for the week of March 8, 2017

Another new week means new comics, do you know what titles to pick up?

Well, here is my list of attention grabbing titles.


Dark Horse:

DC Comics:



Well, that's it for now.  Until next time, get your READ on!

Cover of the Week

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #16

DC Comics

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Bill Paxton

We lost a great character actor on February 25, 2017.  Bill Paxton was one of the best in the biz.  If he was in a movie, I always knew it was movie worth watching.  Hell, when I heard he was going to be on some episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I knew that they would be must see episodes, and I was right. Bill could brag that he was the only actor killed by an Alien, Predator, and stood toe to toe with a Terminator.  Bill you may have left us, but you will never be forgotten.


Bill Paxton

Monday, February 13, 2017

Required Reading: Stranger Worlds

(Panels from issue #2 of Stranger Worlds)

In today's world of comics, I find it hard to find something that delivers a new and fresh story.  The team of DC Comics and IDW have found the secret to doing just that.  The Star Trek Green Lantern crossovers have breathed life into old school comic fans like myself as well as drawing attention to get new readers as well.  In the comic industry, I call this a win win.

In case you missed the first crossover known as the Spectrum War, we find a guardian in distress and he can do only one thing to save the rings of the guardians and that is transport them to another realm or dimension.  Well, when this task was done, lanterns from all corps were transported as well. Without time to get familiar with their surroundings, the lanterns were forced into a Spectrum War, that is an all out war of the rings and their new bearers until Nekron and the Black Lanterns get involved.  Then it took, all the lanterns as well as their new found allies to take down Nekron once and for all.

 ( Star Trek Green Lantern: the Spectrum War #1)

Well, in Stranger Worlds, the lanterns have been stuck in their new home for six months and they are starting to lose the light that gives them power.  Without a battery to recharge their rings, the lanterns are faced with the possibility of never being a lantern again every time they use their rings.  Attempts have been made to duplicate the rings, but Star-fleet's scientists cannot replace the power of the guardians.

All seems lost until they come across something that renews hope in finding a battery in their new home.  The find an old man-hunter droid, you know the original peace keepers from the guardians. If man-hunters exist in this realm, then so do the guardians which means more power for the rings.
I could tell you more, but then I would ruin the story for you.  I gladly give Stranger Worlds a full rating of 10 out of 10 even though it is only on issue #2. The writing is fabulous and the art is just out of this world.  Be sure to get your copies of #1 and #1 of Stranger Worlds today and reserve the following issues so you do not miss a thing.  While your at it, get the Spectrum War trade or complete issues to see the crossover event of 2015.

Until next time, get your READ on!

(Stranger Worlds #2)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

What's On? TV Talk - Legion Edition

(Catch Legion on Wednesdays on FX)

At times we live in a world where the sane seems insane and the insane seems to be  normal, but what if that is just a glimpse of what your life is like everyday. Spending countless hours pondering what is real and what is fake. Well, that is exactly what it is like if your name is David Haller.  This show had me on name only because I was a big fan of the exploits of Legion from the pages of the X-men back in the day.  So, when I heard there was going to be a show, I knew I had to watch.

Well, I watched the show and I have to admit it was well written and definitely is must-see-TV for those who are fans of great writing. Dan Stevens does a convincing job as David, possibly the world's strongest mutant as stated in the show.  Dan's acting convinces you of his possible insanity.  We all know he just has a lot built into that noggin of his, lol. Another great reason to watch the show is Aubrey Plaza's take on Lenny, a fellow inmate from the asylum who happens to have a fixation for candy.  

(David aka Legion and Lenny)

The two of them steal the show, especially in the premiere episode.  I just cannot wait to see what the future has in store for us.  The first episode left us satisfied yet wanting more.  We saw a variety of mutants and possibly have more in store. I wonder if there will be any Easter eggs for X-men fans around the world.  Who knows, but I know I will be there to find out.  I gladly give Legion a 9 out of 10 rating and I am sure I will be doing another review in the future.  Stay tuned,and as always remember to unleash your inner NERD.

(Legion as seen in Marvel Comics)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Wanna Wrestle? My Interview with April Hunter (Preview)

The following passage is from my interview with the one and only April Hunter.

I know I have been absent lately, but there was a good reason.  Hell, I’ll even go on to say I had a great reason for my absence.  What is that reason you ask, well to get great interviews for you, our loyal readers of course.  I return with an interview with a legend in the industry of modeling/cosplay/wrestling/ and now comics as well.  I have an interview with the one and only April Hunter.  Old School wrestling fans will know her from her days in the nWo where as others will know her from her work with the TNA and independent circuit.  As stated earlier, she is also a well known model and cosplayer so odds are you have seen her at a con. Instead of me writing a summary of the interview, why don’t i just give you the interview already.  Enjoy!
DERF: Who are you and where are you from?
April: I’m a super heroine (and writer) from Philadelphia, which isn’t exactly glamorous, but it’ll have to do.
DERF: I have been a fan of yours since your debut as a nWo girl at WCW, hell maybe before that. How did the opportunity present itself for you to be a nWo girl?
April: Thank you! I like my fans, especially the long time ones. Very much appreciate that. WCW happened because of Playboy. I’d done some layouts for them and appeared in the Hardbodies issue that Kim Page was in. WCW decided to bring in some eye candy and thus, my wrestling career began on the arm of Big Poppa Pump. He’s actually a very decent human being.

To see the entire interview, click the link below.

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Classic Cover of the Day - the Defenders #46

Classic Cover of the Day - MARVELous Monday Edition
the Defenders Vol. 1 # 46

Comic Review: Deadpool the Duck

What do you get when you cross Wade Wilson aka Deadpool, Howard the Duck, and a case of Space Rabies?  You get Deadpool the Duck, that's what. You want comedic writing, well this issue is slam full of it.

The issue starts off with Wade looking over a S.H.I.E.L.D. safe house as his home base of operations when he is given the task to take out a target.  Who is the target, we do not found out before the story shifts to Howard the Duck.

When we are introduced to Howard, he is driving around town questioning why is he here when out of the sky falls an alien pod right on his car, totally destroying his vehicle.  Just who is in the pod, why Guardian of the Galaxy Rocket that's who.  He has been infected by an unknown enemy with a batch of space rabies.  While Howard is fleeing for his life, Wade makes an entrance and tries to take the Raccoon down but to no avail.  Before you know it, Rocket attacks Wade while he is in Howard's presence by biting his arm.  Only problem is, he sinks his teeth into Wade's teleport watch which for some reason causes a dramatic side effect.  Now Wade and Howard are one.  How will this story end?  Who knows but issue #2 hits newsstands on January 18th.

Stuart Moore does Deadpool justice with his writing and the art of Jacopo Camagni adds life to the comics.  I gladly give issue #1 a 10 out of 10 rating and I truly cannot wait until issue #2.

Until next time, get your READ on!

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